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r-ALA for Dave Barr


Hi Dave,
I've read a bit about r-ALA on here and I was wondering a few things. If the goal is fat loss and you're on a relatively low carb diet, would r-ala be good to take with carb/cheat meals as many suggest? (or 30min before?)

Is it good to take pwo with Surge if fat loss is the goal?

There seems to be a lot of conflicting opinions on this one. If fat loss is the goal how would you take this stuff around meals or would you avoid it altogether. Some talk about this stuff very highly but others say it's worthless... Wondering what the scoop is from your perspective.


I don't like ALA for non-diabetics (hyperlipidemics excepted). So far, it looks like ALA is anti-anabolic to muscle and can inhibit fat loss.

What little info we have on fat, suggests that ALA has insulin-like effects and has been shown to hinder Beta-agonist induced lipolysis/fat loss.

It will be some time before we have human data, but ALA may be classified as a drug by then.


Thanks Dave,
How do you use it in diabetics with normal cholesterol?

It's funny that it was recommended at SWIS by Serrano and Poliquin. I thought it had something to do with the diets they put most people on (lower carbs). I thought they use it for carb/cheat meals and wanted to hear your opinion. Seems like it's not good at all for fat loss.


I'd start with 100mg a day and then progress upward from there. Of course I would never actually do this, because it would likely be illegal to suggest ALA as part of treatment.

I noticed that too... strange.