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Does anyone know of a good source for these 2 supplements? I’m looking for quality then price; clearly I want to keep them as cheap as possible but I don’t want to end up with something substandard as well. The local stuff is pretty hefty in price when I’m adding a couple different protein blends and a few other supplements like the flax and fish oils.


I like the Syntrax R-ALA. I bought the Now CLA because of the price, but really don’t know if it does anything.


I also use syntrx rala. CLA isn’t going to be cheap in the long run. I believe most studies suggest 5-6g/day of CLA to see benefits. That’s a lot of softgels. NOW is a quality company.

Yeah, I’m currently taking 5-6 a day. As far as the long run I’m only going to take it during my cutting cycle which looks to be about 12 weeks. It was an optional supplement for my program but I wanted every advantage.