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QV Tren

I am just posting this because all I hear is that there is no injectable tren made, or that its a fake if you find some( parabolan usually). But i just got done jerkin off after I found the QV website has an injectable legit Tren. Sorry if all you knew this already and I am behind the ball…But I get a by…I’m still new.

P>S what do you all usually pay for EQ? I can get it for 120, QV wrapped. Sounds real low. I was just wondering ( i know 150 is about right)

The tren has been out for quite some time now. Have never used it so I do not know the validity of it. QV eq is usually bought for around 40-45 a bottle but is sold at a higher price usually 80 and up. I think 120 might be a little steep.

Also don’t forget ProLine Tren. Its bootlegged but have had rave reviews.

yeah 120 is kind of high. 80 bucks is about right, 100 tops.

there are a ton of tren products available. but most, if not all, are UG labs. still very effective IMO. i like proline and golden triangle better then homebrew. but with homebrew you cut the cost by about 60%-70%

I know QV is a great company. Surprised its not getting rave reviews

Well, if you go directly through trenfactor, 30cc/100mgs only runs you 85 bucks… aka cheaper than homebrew. I like it just as much as proline or any other for that matter.

thanks for the info squatman. very good tip.