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QV Prop Shoulder Shot


OUCH! Injection went great, no pain at all. Just a little under 1cc of QV test prop. Later that night, PAIN. Was very sore to touch, could not sleep or stretch the shoulder very far. I'm hoping that it's the the prop, but have never had pain like this after a shot. It is less sore this morning, but still appears swollen and range of motion is limited. Any ideas? Thanks



Ah, test in the shoulder hurts, I have made that mistake once. I did 1cc of enanth and it hurt for a day or 2. Keep an eye on it and make sure you're not feverish.


I've hit cyp and enth in the shoulders before, and it was not like this. Usually I love the shoulder, it's a great place to get plugged. Thanks for the ideas... keep them coming



Prop has never hurt me, but I have been warned that it does hurt. Then again I just shot it in the glute.


The last time I did prop in the shoulder I hurt for a few days. Then it seemed to go away a few day later I noticed it was truning read and getting hard the the injection site. Turned out to be an infection. keep your eye on it!


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Enanthate hurt your delt? Really? that's not common at all. Prop, on the other hand... ALthough I find the delt the best spot for painful gear... but I could just be mental.


Yeah It was the only shoulder shot I ever did, I didn't like it. Glute and thigh mainly glute though.


That's all well and good, but what happens when you run short esters that you need to pin EOD or even ED? you'll need to start getting used to pinning strange places.. lol

Glute, VentroGlute, Quad, Delt, Bicep, Tricep, Lat, Trap, Calves.. all of those are fair game (although the ventro is a little scary..I sweated my ass off at first)


For some people prop hurts where ever you shoot it. I tried it twice in the thigh and both times it hurt so friggin bad that I couldn't even walk right for 4 freakin days.



Done prop, just rotated ass cheeks eod.


I think after you try 75 mgs, suspension, 100mg prop, and 75 winny in your biceps you won't ever complain about prop pain again. I know this is a smart ass remark but I was seriously in your posisition at one time, ie. I thought prop hurt. Eventually you just adapt, or find another sport/hobby.


Shoulder much better this morning, still sore but now I at least know that it was just the prop, and not an infection. Thanks for all the replies.

Wide, ouch! A cc of winny in the biceps? I'm just getting ready to try the tricep. Thanks to all again.



Last night I dreamed that my wife had started a cycle and that she was doing ed prop injections in her shoulders.

I woke up pissed off at her. She swore to me that she only injects in her ass.