I just got an email in from my supplier stating that QV and Denkall are going out of business. He’s offering Nutrivet as an alternative.

I’ve been very happy with QV over the years. It seems strange to me that both companies are going out of business. Can this be right?

damn man, youve takin shit that was made for animals. i always liked being an animal but deca from vets is just too much for me. my opinion is if you were taking products made from QV i can almost guarantee it was the Deca. just get the stuff made for the human race and all will be fine.

in mex most all the stuff is considered to be “used only for animals”. Lots of my buddies use nandropet for deca and it works just like everything else. I havent heard of nutrivet though so good luck

I’m really just wondering if anyone has heard anything about QV closing their operation down. It just seems strange to me.

do a google search the US government is putting huge pressure on the Mexican government to shut down these labs. Several indictments have been handed out to owners of these labs for conspiracy to import controlled substances into the US. Things are going to change on the Mex scene in a big way. I doubt they will stop it is more likey that most domestic suppliers are just going to try to distance themselves from the companies recieving the most heat.

I can tell you what happened. This is a direct result of “Operation Gear Grinder”.

I called the authorized distributor for QV, Animal Power and Denkall here in Mexico City and the bottom line is that the owners of all (yes it’s un-friggin believable - all)the Mexican vet roid makers have been indighted and are sitting in jail in the US, California I believe.

So even though the factories etc still exist, and the Mexican government has not taken any action against the companies, at least not officially that we know of, production has been halted while their lawyers try to work out a deal with the Feds. That’s right - you can’t even get their products here in Mexico where they are legal!

And BTW QV is fine for human consumption in my experience.

damn, me and my buddy were just talking about going to nogales to buy some. are you saying its a waste of time?

They may still have supply in inventory on the border, I don’t know.

If you or someone you know speaks some Spanish try and contact the authorized rep for that area (if he still is taking calls).

Otherwise I would be more cautious then usual since it seems like the perfect opportunity for the counterfiters.

Good luck, let me know how it goes,
Mexico City