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Qustions About Fitness Fatigue Theory


Does anyone have any book recommendations that explain the fitness fatigue or dual factor theory of trainng? I'm not a ph.d so I think Mel Siff's super training is out of the question. Do any of the T-Nation authors go into this theory? Finally, how could this theory be applied to both powerlifting/olympic lifting and bodybuilding? Any advice is appreciated.


"Science and Practice of Strength Training" by Zatsiorski explains the theory as well. no reason why you can't get a copy of "Supertraining". Its not as intimidating a read as you may be thinking.


I like the first edition of Science and Practice of Strength Training (1995) The second edition involves Kraemer and I didn't like it as well. Dr. Zat did a better job by himself. Kraemer muddied certain issues up. Stupid Yankees. :slight_smile:



The 1995 edition is the one I have. Didn't know later editions were noticeably different. Good to know that my reference to this book may not be exactly what someone else read from it.