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Quote Of The Day: Brock Lesnar...Is Built Like A Black Man


............I got the genetics of a....not to get into racism or anything...but I'm built like a black man...It's all genetics.


I'm sure what he said is being blowed out of proportion somewhere....and I don't know his line of thought when he said this..but I've always said to myself that he does have a build similar to a large percentage of black athletes: Tall with short torso..long legs...narrow hips..."high" calves.

I am not saying that those traits are necessarily a "black" thing. Hell,I have a long torso..wide hips for my height...but I do have long ass gorilla arms,though. But I know that I have a lot of European Caucasian ancestral roots and genetics that play into that as well as African genetics. I do wonder what Lesnar's ancestral roots are himself...i.e...Scandinavian..Polish..etc.

Just something to think about....don't know if this directly correlates with what he was trying to say. Nevertheless..I thought it was interesting. Hope this doesn't come off as trollish or whatever...but most of you know what kind of poster I am.


He's more built like a scandinavian/european strongman IMO. black athletes are in the "leaner and narrow" torso. he's built more like mariusz pudzianowski with his huge traps and shoulder to waist.


I had a huge response written up, and decided too many people would take insult to it. So...

I understand the statement he made, but think it to be a misnomer. If you were to take all ethnic genetic pools from around the work, you would probably find a similar make-up. With the exception being circumstantial poverty. I just think it's an issue of exposure. Brock is an athlete, so I think it's fair to say that his experiences with black people would amount to a majority of interactions with black athletes. Thus leading to his conclusion.


I can agree with that. In fact,Lesnar's background of working on the farm reminds me of one of my best friends growing up who hauled hay and wood...helped raise horses and cattle as a kid. He was built like a fucking truck by the time we were in say..the 6th grade. A product of genetics...but the working environment he grew up in provided the path to his muscular/strength development. People accused him of steroids as well.


If you had to fight him, what would you do?

I mean, I'm not tiny or anything, but with that guy especially given his wrestling experience, I just don't know if there's any way I could win without a nut kick followed by some sort of crazy neck-snapping move or just getting my hand on his throat and crushing his larynx. Either way I think a move that results in instant death/paralysis is about the only way I could do it.


I think that's a fair response Beershoes,

Although I'm kind of curious what your long statement would have been, PM maybe. Exposure is probably the factor, but there are also some genetic commonalities with every ethnic variation. This was even discussed on this site:


overall I understand where the country boy is coming from. And I don't see his statement as anything close to offensive.

but I'm still rooting for Mir.


Shit..I don't know myself. I'm about the same size as Lesnar...not quite as muscular if you check my profile. I know my wrestling is mediocre...but I have a good sprawl..but its different when facing someone similar in size and maybe stronger on top of being a top wrestler.

I'm a stand-up guy(Muay Thai) so my only hope would be using footwork...a good jab..and beating him to all his punches. That is until he took me down....he's an explosive big guy.


I would be interested in your original response as well,Beershoes. I promise I wont seek you out and smash you..lol. PM me.


Alright I'll PM you guys a synopsis of my original response.


Built like a black man... well, he's a fighter. Not a thinker. Certainly not a geneticist.


Read the article. The guy is almost comically mean. Best part is the end where the writer makes the "sexually ambiguous" joke and Lesnar freaks. There was an article I read when he was trying out for the Vikings where an incident like that happened also.


Lesnar seems to redneck for me to like him.


what's wrong with rednecks?


I like him. I think his game has improved tremendously since the first time he faced Mir. This time around, I think Mir has done his homework, but the bigger man still has the advantage no matter how much BJJ someone has. Mir will have to capitalize on a mistake rather than plain out fighting him. He's a bull with tons of strength to maintain the dominant position on the ground. Plus the guy has to cut to 265lbs. That in itself says a lot. Standing it may be different. As to what ethnic group he looks most like, I'd agree with a post someone else made, eastern European, strong man type. Not like a black man. But anyone can look like anyone if they want it bad enough.


He did say that I heard it, and he meant exactley what he said.

We are not all created equal.


I don't think we're all genetically created equal. Otherwise why the heck would we have weight classes. I know for sure no matter what I took, how hard I trained, or how much roids I shot into my ass I would NEVER look like brock. I'm Just built to be lean and fast. I'd be lucky if I cold ever fight 170.


Run for your life


That part where the guy tells him "you smell delicious" made me lol.


I don't think anybody ever accused Brock of a being a poignant orator.


If I were black, I think I would take that as a compliment. I know if he said he were built like a Welsh/German I would.

This will all be a red herring once Mir beats him and takes that belt!

Mir! Mir! Mir! Mir!