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Quote I like

To me, lifting has been meditation, salvation, and sanctuary. When I have been able to count on very little else in my life, the weights have been there. They are a constant in a life full of variables. Yesterday, today and next year, one hundred pounds will always be one hundred pounds. How that weight feels to me might be different over time. But the weights themselves are steadfast and abiding.

There is so much fight a lifter must possess that naturally translates into the rest of your life. I call it “lifting from your soul.” At times there is something more than sheer bodily strength that drives the weight up. -From Lauren Kott’s article Life Lessons from Lifting

horsepuss, now thats quote.

Always good to see inspirational quotes, especially lifting specific.

Not my favorite but can’t knock it.

you guys get way too philisophical and deep about lifting weight, that quote is right next to that post that kid made about being afraid to take time off and he called himself an iron warrior.

if you want inspirational quotes, read sun tzu or basho. if you want to not be small and weak, move some iron.