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Quote: 25% Handle Carbs Efficiently

I've been looking for a source that states this fact. I know Charles Poliquin has said it, but is there anything that can back it up? I'm looking for more info on it. Even if you can direct me to where CP said it would be great.


I don't see how that can be stated as fact. And what defines someone has carb resistant?

Granted, it's been stated that people that are overweight don't handle carbs well, and 2/3 of Americans are overweight.


Only 25% can handle carbs efficiently. Bad choice of words on my part.


I dunno. I handle carbs fine (in moderation and sometimes in large quantities) and so does everyone (that weight trains) that I know.






for about an hour after I've had a meal high in carbs, alot of definition disappears for me, returns later though. Anyone else the same?


So does that mean that less than 25% of people (presumably Americans?) exercise regularly?

You exercise regularly. You handle carbs fine.

You no exercise. You no handle carbs. You get diabetes.

Pretty simple as far as I see it!


Actually, I think this is not what he is saying at all.

For example, he cites CT in one of those articles I linked as carb-intolerant, and Milos Sarcev as carb-tolerant.

Both heavily exercising individuals, by any stretch of the imagination.

He even classifies himself as carb-intolerant.

Look, we all know Poliquin likes to speak in extremes. But many of those extremes are rooted in truths. He's a smart guy. You could certainly do worse as a source of advice.


perfect thank you


would ethnic background have anything to do with this? I mean I am Chinese by descent. My forefathers have eating rice at every meal for thousands upon thousands of years. Also, from personal experience I handle carbs, such as white rice very well. I was wondering if this would play a factor?


Ive always been curious how people measure this.

I remember one author claiming that you could get one of those finger pricking gizmo's. Drink a very strong sugar solution then measure how long it took for your blood sugar to drop. That being that actual degree of carb "tolerance". Though i could be completely wrong.

It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of people are claiming to be carb intolerant without any real proof. Wouldn't you have to be pretty lean to see how quickly you gain fat with carbs?

Maybe the carb tolerance issue is much like the over training issue. Your not carb intolerant, you just don't work hard enough (or with enough volume) in the gym.

But i have no experience myself. Just a thought.


I personally agree with CT, CP, and what was stated by Affliction. A lot, of people do not agree with CP, but the man has produced.

I think it is heavily influenced ethnically/genetically. People's with Asian, African, middle eastern backgrounds tend to handle carbs better imo. These people consume tons of carbs probably because that was what was readily available in their regions century after century.

This is what was provided to them by their immediate environment, where as, someone with a European/Scandinavian background might not handle them as well because these foods were not consumed as often. They probably consumed more meats and fats given the colder climates. This is not a blanket statement just some speculation behind the carb tolerant/intolerant link ethnically.


So because CP said it, it's a fact.



But what does it mean, exactly? because you handle carbs more efficiently than I do, what the fuck does that mean? If I eat a pop tart and you eat a pop tart, am I going to get fetter than you?

And I don't buy that whole asians handle carbs better thing. How much longer have they been eating grains than europeans? I doubt it's at all long enough to make a difference, in terms of evolution.


I think he has stated chinese handle crabs the best because of your reasons above...


I would recommend shaving your pubic area and seeing a doctor. :slight_smile:



Yeah. that white stuff, it's not rice.

Sounds like rice, though.


Yea you could be right...I don't think anyone here is saying that whatever CP says is a fact. I certainly don't agree with everything he says but, interesting topic non the less imo...


I think it's very easy...VERY easy to overeat too many carbs on a daily basis and most people don't realize it and end up just chalking that up to being "carb intolerant". I started losing weight around my gut when I started realizing how many carbs I actually eat a day. Maybe there is carb intolerance for some...but all I know is, I was eating too many.


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