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Qunol Liquid CoQ10


There are a number of threads related to this “supplement” and I glossed over them. However if there is a thread specifically about my questions, please let me know and I will ask to delete this thread.

So after making a recent trip to Costco there is the supplement for sale, $7 off the normal price. I read a number of reviews on the internet and of course the majority were flawed. For example, the packaging and bottle clearly state “do not refrigerate” and guess what happened when people but the bottle in the fridge? People had varying degrees of problems. The saying: “Common sense ain’t so common” definitely applies! shakes head

Last year I started taking a multi-vitamin because my doctors office always asked me if I was. After thinking about it, stomach acid will eat through steel if it sits on the metal long enough yet a vitamin is NOT going to sit there and wait to be broken down. Just like corn, it will pass through when the substance isn’t broken down.

Now that I am 37 and my natural CoQ10 levels are most likely on the decline I decided to start taking the supplement. What are other posters experiences and thoughts on the liquid? Are there better supplements here on T-Nation or via the web? General experiences? Any positive / negative experiences on more than the “recommended” 200mg dosage? Any literature would be appreciated, yet as a stay-at-home dad of three and one functional arm, your advice and understanding would be appreciated = ]

Be well and GOD Bless with Charity,