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Quizno's subs

I laughed so hard I think I lost my spleen and a lung after watching quizno’s hamster commercial.

It’s sweeeet.
Check out this website for the original! (before it was sold to quizno’s).
You HAVE GOT TO watch this!!! Not suitable for those with heart conditions or asthma.



You must be high!

What the…???

This is fucking retarded and has nothing to do with Quizno’s

Yes it does relate to Quizno’s because they recently used those…uh, hamsters in a commercial which they sang ridiculously.

Like that like depicts.

That one.

Right there.


But amusing!

Drugs are bad.

Holy fuck that is messed up.
I didn’t laugh, I cried.

Hey make sure to watch the lightsaber cocksucking blues. It’s pretty good. Not as good as the Quizno’s hamsters though. The first time I saw that ad I thought I was seeing things, it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

I wrote Quizno’s ad department and told them to get rid of these rediculous commercials ultra quick. Those hamsters suck dude, really…


This one’s better:



bro funny shit man totaly stupid that it is funny

I was wondering when I was going to see a post about this. Best commercials EVER!

Brilliance… sheer brilliance.

“We love tha moon…”

I saw the Quizno ad and it wasn’t funny. I don’t think it will be playing long.

yeah that shit was funny. but they dont look like hamsters to me. they are some kind of sick creation.

Saw the commercial tonight watching Chappelle. They are some ugly fuckers!

Uhhh, we must have very very different ideas of what is funny. I mean, I have a pretty twisted sense of humour, but…

its funny to me because they are so god damn disgusting and irrelavent.

lmfao, man those hamsters are some fucking ugos.

Judging by most people’s reactions here I must have a shallow sense of humor. I saw the Quizno’s commercial and laughed my ass off, and then I was tryin’ to describe it to my friends later (asking if they’d seen it bfore) and they were like “What the HELL are you talking about?” Oh well…got my kicks :slight_smile: