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Quiz: Which Atlas Shrugged Character are You?



Turns out I am Eddie Willers.


John Galt, oh my....


I came up as Midas Mulligan. I have yet to read the book, but some day I will jaa jaa


Hank Rearden


I'll take that as a compliment.





Dagny Taggart/Hank Rearden came up equal?



Ron Weasley?!


Francisco D'Anaconia


Hank Reardon/John Galt came up as the top two, almost tied, but with Reardon as my #1


Exactly the same for me, as predicted.


Franciso D'Anaconia, Hank Rearden, John Galt = all about equal.


I am highly distressed that I came out as the same character as HH. Also, WTF?! Wasn't that character just totally... boring?

It has been a long time since I plowed my way through this piece of trash so I could be mixed up but wasn't Eddie just some like normal everday boring person? That's not me I'm more like Charlie Sheen. Win.


Your a sober adotius warlock with tiger blood who is winning?


You and I are the only ones who came up as Eddie. sounds about right.