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Quitting Zoloft Soon. First Cycle - Test, Tbol


Hey! I have been lifting for over four years. I have had time off here and there due to health and injury. I have taken appropriate steps to heal. I am back in the game for about 8 months. I have decided, to start my first cycle.
I have done tons of research before starting this cycle. I have been reading about drug interactions with medications and proper post cycle therapy.
Right now I’m using 600ml Test Cyp (300 twice wk)
40 tbol ed. I will bump the tbol up too 60 on week four. I am just starting with minimal products to feel out the water so to say.

Now here’s the fun stuff. I take 50mg of Zoloft that I will be quitting very soon. However to be smart I researched drug interactions. Found bad reactions with Nolva and Adex.
They use the same enzyme for effectiveness. Which will cause a problem since Zoloft will win -.-
So I got Aromasin instead, and clomid for pct.
now I hate to say this, but I’m still trying to figure out when is best to start Aro, 8 weeks in at max, or when I start feeling the need. As well as the dosage. I know I can research more and more but I’ve been getting a lot of conflicting information so I figured I’d come and just ask.
So Aro (AI) and Clomid. Would that, be fine for this cycle or should I add nolva if I quit Zoloft within the next couple weeks.
Any pointers for this noob here is great.


I’m thinking about 12.5 e4d.



What do you take Zoloft for? How long have you been on? I think it is rather stupid to quite Zoloft to run gear. You do not quit an anti depressant like Zoloft cold turkey. I am sure some can do it but it is inadvisable. If your feeling emotionally and mentally healthy now and you remove this SSRI which has been altering your brain chemistry for however long you could ultimately do more harm them good.

My advice slowly taper down over the next couple of weeks or even months. Make sure you do not have an issues with coming off of an SSRI and then you can start planing a cycle if you want. So please don’t quit cold turkey. Its not worth it.


blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } I agree. I take it for OCD and have been on zoloft for 8 months. I’m just going to drop the dose to 25 mg. it’s just the, not being able to climax or how hard it is to climax that is really bothering me. Not quitting just to run gear.