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Quitting TRT Protocol After 6 Weeks

No I wouldn’t. I’m not saying it’s not necessary but wonder if my natural level of 390-400 was low enough to begin?

Thanks for the detailed response it’s appreciated. My natural level was 400 though

There are lots of men who naturally were lower than their peers, it’s not fair and life isn’t fair. It all comes down to genetics, a natural 400 is on the lower end and is why you are having problems now while others aren’t who were naturally on the higher end when younger.

We start losing testosterone after 30, 1% every year and it you’re naturally scoring 800 before 30, by 40 you are in the high 600’s, your gas tank was half full to begin with and is why you are low now.

I know a guy who went on TRT in his 50’s and within a year had more muscles than he ever did naturally, because naturally do to genetics he was at a disadvantage.

Muscularture wise though I’m not in need of it. So wonder how my body is able to be as fit as it is with that level and if that means that’s maybe natural for me?

How did you feel before treatment? Something must have caused you to go to the Dr.

Listen to @systemlord, he’s making an excellent case to you. Don’t be ignorant or let your ego get in the way to fixing yourself.

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That was just an example, you sought TRT for other more important reasons. What this really has to do with is poking yourself a couple time a week with a needle for the rest of your life. If it was a simple as popping a pill down the hatch every morning we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

I was the same way in the beginning, I get it. Once you get past poking yourself on a regular basis it will get easier. Using a 29 gauge insulin syringe will make this a whole lot easier on yourself.

Grumpiness and a lack of erection quality is something that affects an old elder man, president Trump’s scores in the mid 400’s and is 72 years old and I would expect him to be having these issues.

You may have been in your prime at 400, but your pre-TRT labs show you at 233, not 400. You want to hold onto what was and it’s preventing you from moving forward with TRT.

I see a lot of men excited about starting TRT and tap out after a short time because they want the natural levels that had 10-20 years ago and the waste years of their life trying to get back what they lost and it’s a colossal waste of time.

You’re losing testosterone every year past 30, you can’t go back to the way things were unless you have found the fountain of youth.

You have an advantage, you know where your levels were, if you stay on TRT and get your levels to the 400-500 range, your gains in the gym won’t be plateauing in the gym in 6 months. You will be at a whole new level.

Sorry. Just for clarification. My pre trt was 400. The 200 number was my trough on androgel The 1400 number was my peak on androgel

One odd thing I’ve found is that though my erection quality has gone up ( pun intended) I feel like my libido has decreased. Another worry I have is gyno. I did use aas in high school and have always had a bump behind nipple. Very paranoid about developing the dreaded moobs I suppose. With low e2 is that a possibility? And speaking of e2 why the heck is mine still so low with such high t?

Moody. Tired in morning. Tired in afternoon.

All of us have been there. We’re telling you how much better it is when you get your hormone profile fixed.


Hi 259317,
I believe this is your real issue. from a natural lvl of 400 to 1400 OMG. Your body is freaking out trying to balance everything back to a normal state. The way you think and how all your body part work are going to be effected.
On the topic of did you need TRT did they test your SHGB? If you have a low SHGB (20-26) A TT of 400 can still give you a mid to high range Free T and that is where its all at.

If your current gel application is 2 clicks per day and you are running a TT1400 cut that in half and just wait for 3 months and give your body time to adjust. Again if your natural TT is 400 just see what 600-700 feels like. Always keep your Free T in range even on peak days and you won’t have Gyno issues.
My guess. Your low E2 is probably because you are skinny with no body fat to make E2.

Mutations in the CYP19A1 gene have been found to cause aromatase deficiency. Low estrogen is more dangerous than low testosterone, osteoporosis is associated with low estrogen.

A dexa scan would tell you your bone density and if estrogen is low for you.

What’s the worst you’ve ever felt in your life? The worst I ever felt (before coming off of TRT cold-turkey) was having pneumonia for two months. I’d happily take pneumonia for 2 years over the absolute hell of the 10 months after I came off of TRT with no PCT.


I think part of what has me contemplating this is my fear of gyno. I’ve had a little bud behind my nipples for as long as I can remember most likely caused by not using aas very smartly when I was a teenager. Now I feel as if maybe it’s more tender but not sure if it’s just psychological. My e2 levels are low, is it even a possibility? I’m also wondering why the heck my libido seems to have decreased. Before I started one thing I couldn’t complain about was libido. In fact when I mentioned testosterone to my wife she would say oh ya that’s not what you need. Constantly horny , now not so much. Appreciate everyone’s time btw.

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Might just be your body dealing with it’s new situation. Stay the course and you should see this turn around soon. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3188848/


Alright guys so I’m thinking I will give it longer. But gels aren’t going to cut it. Trough is super low and I’m too concerned about transferring. So what dose and frequency cypionate should i start with? Sub q or im? Should i continue with gel for a few days after first injection?

Good call.

I would start with 100mg, once a week, IM. Give it a couple of months, see how you feel. Adjust from there. Most I know take at least 150mg, many, if not most up to 200, most once a week, some twice. The only ones I know doing sq are women, but they take a low dose.

You can always increase the dose, or injection frequency. Get follow-up labs. Don’t over think it. Good luck.

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