Quitting TRT, PCT Advice

Hi guys,
I am going to go off of my TRT that I’ve been on for over 1 year now. Doing 100mg of Cyp a week and 30mg of progesterone ED. Can I get a detailed PCT from an expert please. It seems there is no consensus on how to get my nuts going again correctly. Didn’t do any HCG throughout BTW. Some say don’t take Clomid and Nolva together, some say no HCG needed etc so I need a concise layout from the pros. Everyone is a pro compared to me actually but some on here really seem to know the protocols and I appreciate your advice.
Thanks in advance.

No love? Hello? Bueller? Bueller? Can someone please chime in?

Lots of ideas have been posted here already that I’m sure you’ve seen. Not all of them will work for everyone. Have you seen a protocol that you think you want to try? Personally I would want to use a low dose hCG that tapers into a clomiphene protocol especially if my testes have been atrophied for an extended period. I have no experience with tamoxifen but some interesting info and a video can be found here http://www.steroid.com/Nolvadex.php

I’ve got an appointment this afternoon to see my endo and I think I’ll ask about using tamoxifen along side my T-cyp instead of hCG.

There are some pretty good PCT recipes in the steroid forum.