Quitting TRT or Finding a Better Protocol?

  • Age: 37 â?¨
  • Height: 189CM
  • Weight: About 100 kg â?¨
  • Describe body and facial hair: Little facial and body hair. â?¨
  • Training: Full body weight training 2-3 times a week
  • TRT protocol: Nebido (Testosterone undecanoate) 1000 mg/4 ml, one injection every 7-8 weeks + 1 nolvadex every day (20mg)

I live in Norway and this is part of the reason for why my protocol is very different from what is usually recommended on this site. It seems to me that US doctors and European doctors have different ideas about what the best TRT regimen is. My doctor is a british man, Dr. Ken Purvis, and according to mainstream media he is the leading expert on TRT here in Norway (for what that is worth). Actually I think he is the only andrologist in Norway.

Some years ago I was diagnosed with hypogonadism, so I have been following this protocol for about 2-3 years now. In the beginning it worked well, and I felt ok on this treatment, but nowadays I feel horrible. Basically I have very low energy, sleep a lot and I am always tired, my libido is very low and I have a lot of headaches.

I am now considering my options - should I:

a) discontinue TRT altogether (cold turkey or by phasing out the meds?)
b) or try to find a better protocol?

I will get bloodwork done this coming week and post the results asap.

I am sure many of you will be upset by this protocol I have been following, but the health system in Norway is very different from the one in the US and not many experts on the issue to be found.

I have tried to research the stickies and other threads, and I hope some of you can share your insights with me as soon as I share the details from the bloodwork with you. Your help is much appreciated!

SERMs do not decrease E2, they do block the effects of estrogen in SELECTED tissues. So some tissues are exposed to high levels of E2. SERMs increase E2 levels.

Your T levels peak then drop over the 7-8 week time frame. So the lab results are somewhat meaningless as the results depend on when the labs are done. But the ratio of E2:T may be useful.

To avoid this problem with lab results and timing, you need to inject more frequently. But, as you point out, that is the root of the problem.

It is possible to get T cypionate or ethanate and self inject? If not, can you self inject Nebido?

Is it possible to get Arimidex/anastrozole or Aromasin there?

Have you noticed the focus on other issues?

  • thyroid and iodine
  • vitamin D3
  • adrenal

Do you have old lab work?