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Quitting TRT, Help in Regards to Recovery

Hey guys,

So I’ve been active on this forum for some months now, gave TRT a go after my blood test revealed Low free T and high e2 with high SHBG.

I don’t want to get onto the details again, as all i have been thinking about in the last few months. TRT has made me feel more depressed, like before it was a lowish mood but I was functional, all this stress and uncertainty about TRT made me a zombie. I cannot function like this, I’m really lifeless, I didn’t know it was possible, Body aches, anxiety. I am of the opinion that T may not itself be causing 100% of these issues but my obsessing over how I feel with it and the anxiety of T not doing anything positive except morning wood is the reason for my lifeless state.

So I’m gonna go off and get rid of this stress, as I was not nearly close to the mess I have been in the past 2-3 months since TRT. I may revisit this avenue if I don’t recover from the restart, when I’m more calm about it. For now, I want to be medicine free and get back to day to day functioning, which at this stage I am unable to do with TRT and the stress.

I have read the HPTA restart sticky. What I understand is that I’ll have to inject hCG for 3-4 weeks after stopping T injections to avoid a crash between T washes out and then run nolvadex at 20mg EOD and anastrozole. After 4-6 weeks, depending on the bloodwork, taper off the nolvadex and cruise on anastrozole to control e2 rebound.is this okay?

Restart protocols are not in my wheelhouse because I never considered it an option for me. I just want to say that I’m sorry this process didn’t help you. I’m thankful for your help on this site and wish you the best of health.

Thank you Nash. You’ve been great along with some others here, you guys are a good bunch. This is a process I could re consider when I’m emotionally a bit detached with it, with a stable routine and mind. Right now, this process has been draining and I am depressed with how it’s gone. I feel to save myself further troubles, it makes sense that I control the damage and get back to life. Hopefully not, but if I explore this avenue again, I hope to be not be so overwhelmed and be calmer about the process and patient.

Sorry to hear it did not work for you. You have been overwhelmingly helpful to others here. I hope to see you post every once in awhile.

hopefully you get this notification, but do you have an update on how recovery is going?

What happened, I am avoiding TRT from past 2 years and now i find you are quiting. We have argument on one post here whether to go on TRT or not. Can you please explain what drawbacks you find on TRT , it can be helpful for me.