Quitting TRT Cold Turkey after One Shot

Hello all
27m normal test levels upper 400’s, free test was slightly below recommended. I don’t have the numbers with me as they’re at the clinic.

I am new and am ready for the potential hate here for my mistakes! Basically last Thursday I went and got my first and last test cypionate shot at 200mg. I stopped because a new responsibility has come up and financially I will have to focus on that for now.

Since I took this one shot I imagine the test will leave my body in 5 weeks? After that maybe I should be back to normal.

Do I need pct ?

One shot, you’re not shutdown yet. Stop now and you’ll be fine. The test hasn’t had a chance to reach a steady state. The test will be out of your system in around 2-3 weeks.

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Thanks my friend I’m sure will all be good :+1::blush:

Curious to know what that means? What was it? I won’t flame you but interested to see what the T mills are calling sub optimal these days.

@systemlord is right. One shot, no worries just carry on as if nothing happened.


Hey if I b li be it was at 9.5 nmol/L so just under the cut off. They told me this is the reason why I qualified as my total was almost 500.

Total T doesn’t define testosterone deficiency.

Actually the cut off is 12 nmol/L, according to the British Society for Sexual Medicine.

Total T is a function of SHBG and doesn’t even come close to measuring the end result of the testicles production of testosterone → Free T.

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