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Quitting TRT after 3 Weeks


I have been on a TRT protocol for about 3 weeks now.

My Protocol is as follows:
40mg Test Cyponate once per week
1 mg of Arimidex once per week
500 iu of HCG twice per week.

So far i have completed 3 full weeks of each prescribed medication.

After my HCG injection yesterday my balls started to feel sore and almost cool. They are still like that today.

I haven’t felt any positive benefits and I would like to stop TRT. I’m mostly paranoid about screwing up my chances of having kids, but also the cost the HCG is just too much.

Should I wean my self off certain things or just quit everything cold turkey?

Once again I in total have taken (3) 40mg shots of test, (6) 500 ius of hcg and (3) mg of arimidex.

My blood work when I started was as follows:

Estardiol 105pmol/L
Free Test 300.6 (175-700) pmol/L


You must have known the cost prior to starting and your financial situation? Why would you start something like this if you know that you wouldnt haven’t the patients to see it through. You are also on a ridiculously small dose of T. I’m on 40mg every other day.

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Your protocol is dosed very low, no wonder you notice no benefit. Your Free T is still low, you need to be high normal. The only thing you should quit is this hormone clinic.

This hormone clinic you’re going is filled with quack doctors! Once you find a knowledgeable doctor and get on a better protocol, you’ll need to allow 6-12 months to notice significant changes.

A 1mg arimidex would be enough to F*** me up good. There are lots of men on TRT having kids, adding FSH to your TRT protocol will do wonders for sperm production. When you’re ready for kids, you can start HCG and FSH, until that time all you need is TRT in isolation.

Feeling like crap all the time can’t be an option, what quality of life could you have?

Like jimmy said 40mg once per week is a very low starting dose. Most people start at about 100mg per week. On the flip side 1mg of Arimidex is way too much, you probably don’t need any.

What were your T levels prior to starting replacement therapy? You started for a reason.
Having low T levels has its own set of side effects and risks.

My T levels were Free Test 300.6 (175-700) pmol/L

So should I stop everything until I find a new doctor?

I started because of my anxiety out of desperation, I didn’t realize giving myself needles would cause even more anxiety though.

Out of curiosity, what does Defy charge for HCG and what is your dose, if you even take it?

$79 for 12,000 iu

So this would last about 3 months? That’s not bad at all.

Defy Medical is more affordable than going to see a doctor in person, $1200-$2000 for consults, medicine and labs costs. You can’t be the price anywhere, some of these TRT clinics charge insane up front fees.

What did your pre-TRT labs look like?

Low dose. Low is 100. Your even lower at 40. After three weeks you have 70m in your body built Up + hcg.

It takes 3-4 months to get dialed in properly and feel most of the benefits. Per my provider and others around here.

Don’t mess with trt if you don’t have any issues with low t. What’s the point. Infertility is not an issue on trt. Plenty of men can become fertile when the time comes. You would of known this if research was done.

This is mind boggling to be honest.

Yah that’s like 1,000 iu per week.

Is that mixed, or unmixed?

My is $170 CAD for 10,000 iu, I was taking 500 iu per week. I thought it was only good for 30 days.

100 cad a month for symptom relief is worth it.

What’s a healthy energetic happy life worth to me? Whatever it costs it I can afford it.

health should be a priority. Without it you cannot be a provider for the family: you have no energy to live life, work, and etc.

Estardiol 105pmol/L
Free Test 300.6 (175-700) pmol/L

My Free test was Free Test 300.6 (175-700) pmol/L.

I went to the clinic and this is what they told me to do.

I did do research and i know people on TRT are having kids, I’m just paranoid now that my clinic won’t be able to help me with this.

I live in Canada so the medical system is a lot different.

If i quit everything would I just go back to the same levels in a short time, based on how low my doses were?

How old are you!

Your in a low dose. I can’t say for sure, but you should be fine. You are better off going to the pharma category and asking those guys. There used to starting and stopping and were not.

Trt takes months and can fix your anxiety and depression. If your truly low t it will only get worse. It’s all about the marathon not the sprint.

You can find plenty of info on trt and fertility. You have no reason to worry.

Yes. AAS users stopped after 6-12 weeks cycles with higher doses than yours, much higher, without problems.

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