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Quitting TRT after 2 Years - Is Nolvadex Enough?

I’m currently on sustanon (and also arimidex as I had high estrogen). However I’m going to quit soon after a couple of years on test. I heard that you can restart with SERM alone and that hcg is not necessarily needed, so I was wondering whether taking just nolvadex (along with arimidex to prevent high estrogen) would be enough to help restart hpta and testicular function? Also do you need to take these for a few months or more or just as a kickstart thing 1-2 months in the beginning and then taper off both arimidex and nolvadex and then just wait?

That doesn’t sound like a bad plan.
What is your current dose of T and anastrozole?
When you quit injecting I would not take the anastrozole more than 3 weeks after. Your E2 should be down by then.

Why are you stopping? Nolva or clomid can help, clomid stimulates FSH and LH so is a good option in small doses. The main issue is that it can stimulate oestrogen too.

I hope you realize that unless you correct the cause of low T, attempting a restart will only see levels drop back down to pre-TRT levels. If low T is do to a decline do to aging, environmental factors or disease, restarts are a waste of time and you’ll be back on TRT before you know it.

The experts are saying that of the 89% of men diagnosed with low T, 71% of those men have an unknown cause for low T. It’s thought to be environmental bombardment, food and lifestyle.

I was prescribed it based on a single measurement, so it’s possible it dipped only temporarily (lifestyle etc), especially since I didn’t feel like crap all the time. Overall I don’t think trt has changed my situation much and the doctor agreed that I might as well quit.

The standard prescribed trt is sustanon 250/1ml every 10 days here. I take 0,25 of arimidex every 3 days, if I upped it to 0.5 I’d experience fatigue.

Just wondering whether nolvadex can also increase e2.

No it doesn’t.
nolvadex is a Estrogen receptor antagonist antineoplastic agent. In english it blocks the receptors in your tits to prevent gyno.

IMO when you stop your injections you should drop your AI to .25mg/wk. and take it for 3 weeks.
You could start your nolvadex as soon as you get it. To make sure it works this time I’d do 40/40/40/20/20/20