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'Quitting' the Anabolic Diet

would it be safe to just start eating carbs again or will my body need to get “carb adapted” after being fat adapted. as in, if I went and had some oatmeal am I gonna randomly get fat?

Normally I would say when there are no fats which can be utilized for energy the next best and easiest nutrient would be taken. And this should be in your case the carbs.

Practically you dont get fat on your loading days either where you eat a lot of carbs I think. So if fat isnt used any more, carbs are the next choice for the body

But be aware. Not a lot of fat with a lot of carbs. That could be a fat trap.

IMHO i think you should consider easing back into carbs over a 4 week period…depending on how long you have been on the AD…start with eating more veggies and going past the 30gm limit three times a week, slowly increase and diversify your carb intake…remember it takes the body atleast three days of continuous carbs to stop using fat as fuel.