Quitting Test Cycle Early - Assistance Needed

Hi everyone,

After 4 weeks of 400mg of Test E, I have decided this is not for me. I was doing 200mg twice a week. This is also my first cycle ever. Turns out I’m not a fan of the anxiety and emotional mud my head is going through.

I’m looking for help on dosages per day for now and PCT. Where (to me) it gets confusing is I’m starting to think I have a small bump under my left nipple. I was not taking an AI while on cycle but I am taking Armidex and Nova at the moment.

a) Since I have already started taking nova, how should my dosage look like as I go into PCT?
b) what is the best way to taper off armidex?

(note that I only have capsules of armidex and nolva. 1 capsule of adex is 1mg. 1capsule of nolva is 25mg)

My timeline so far:
2/25 - LAST pin of 200mg
2/26 - took 1mg of armidex and 25mg of nolva (initial thought of gyno)
2/27 - 1mg of armidex and 25mg of nova
2/28 - skipped armidex. 25mg of nova

What should my future timeline look like?

I’ve been told to taper down armidex to .75mg EOD for a week, .50 EOD for a week, .25 EOD for the last week.
Ive also been told to take 25mg of nolva for two weeks and then taper that down to 12.5 for the remaing two weeks.

Man drop the anastrozole, wait two weeks from last pin, do 4-6 weeks of Nolva

FYI that’s an awful lot of AI to be taking and could be contributing to why you feel so bad on cycle

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@airkempo you’re just about at the turning point of where your body gets used to the new hormone levels and you start feeling good. If you stick it out another week or two you’d likely be smooth sailing.

That much AI can cause issues in itself and could be why you’re feeling the way you do. There’s many guys on higher doses taking zero AI and feeling fine. 1mg of anastrozole per week is enough to crash your estrogen which is likely what you did. Nolvadex alone is enough for gyno. 400mg T isn’t going to be enough to cause major estrogen issues requiring an AI especially 4 weeks in. You basically did it wrong and feel like shit but can easily turn it around by dropping the AI and waiting a week or two.


I should drop everything even though I’m feeling gyno symptoms?

Hey appreciate the response. But no, I only took the ai because I felt like shit. I wasn’t running an ai

If you’re set on stopping the cycle then drop the AI. The 2mg you’ve taken is enough to stop the aromitization. Standard PCT is 40/40/20/20 mg of tamoxifen per day for four weeks. Since you’re having gyno symptoms now I’d use 20mg Tamoxifen each day for 7 weeks after last shot. Good luck man.


Will do. ty!

For dropping the AI, I’ve read to taper off of it to prevent a estro rebound, is that correct? If so, what would you recommend?

Given the large amounts of AI you’ve taken recently, a rebound will prolly help you feel better as you start your PCT. Nolva will counter the dreaded gyno post-cycle. You should be ok just stopping the AI


I would drop ai at this point. You’ve already taken care of the aromitazation with your previous dose. My opinion is based on crashing my E3 with only moderate amount of ai.

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Understood. thanks for the advice!

Appreciate your input. Definitely helps!

Update: I’m confused. I had bloodwork done on 2/29 and my test levels came back at 1424 and my estradiol was 55. If my test levels, prior to starting my cycle was 459, and I was only dosing 400mg a week, how the hell am I so high?

With this being said, should I start uping my nolva to 40mg a day?

You’ve been dosing 2-4x natural test levels, you come back at 1400 and you’re confused… are you serious?

Well help me out here man as apparently my logic is off.

If I’m normally at 459, and I add 400mg/week. Shouldn’t my average range be at 859?

I said 2-4x normality

and 1x physiology means the top of the ref range… not 459

4 wks isn’t enough for steady state either. If bloods were taken 7 days post shot given the HL of test e/c is 6-7 days peak would’ve been closer to 3000. Had you taken the bloods after shooting weekly for 6 wks you would’ve probably gotten closer to 1600

There is a dose dependent drug induced response, you could come back with more/less test vs someone else on the exact same dosage. But given “trt” is 1-200mg weekly (typically, a select few require more) why would you be surprised with “I’m using 400mg and coming in over the ref range”

Same as your other thread; I bet your test was way under dosed. 1400ng on 400mg weekly is not high at all. Hell I hit 1380ng on 240mg

What is gyno to you? I think people freak out and claim gyno.

It doesn’t work like that. Your T level is measured in ng/dL typically. That has no relation to how many milligrams you put in. Besides being raised or lowered by your dose. You don’t add 400mg to get a 400 raise in ng/dL. I think you should do some more research before any further cycles. And yes, your test is almost certainly underdosed.

This is an update from my first post but wanted to create a new thread as hopefully this situation warrants its own thread.

Before I started my cycle I was at 459 T and 21 Estra.

I did a four week, 400mg cycle @200mg twice a week and have decided to stop my cycle due to finding out this is not for me. My last pin was 2/25.

As of my bloods on 2/29 my T is 1424 and my Estra is 55. I was not running an AI from the start.

My questions are: if I was only running 400mg/week, how the hell is my T so high? And, I assume with this high of test, I should be running nolva 40mg per day as pct?