Quitting smoking

I’ve decided to give up smoking. It didn’t take much thought, the fact that I was tired running 100m back from the local shop was enough to make me think. I’ve been smoking for 5 months, avaerging about 5 roll-ups a day. As far as I know, my options are: 1. Cold turkey. 2. Nicotine patches. 3. Chopping my hands off. 4. Nicotine patches on my eyes so I can’t open them and find my fags. What you you guys/gals think is te best option, and have you tries any of these? Any other advice/hints/ideas appreciated. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Cheers.

Nathan: congrats! Good job! Okay, now you need to find a boxing gym. Join, and go and hit the heavy bag. Or find a nice MA school and/or maybe yoga. Something that’ll take your mind off your “non-smoking” anxieties. You need to stay physically and mentally busy.

I've never smoked in my life, but this is what I'm thinking you need to do. Oh, and keep thinking that you have just done the best thing for your body by quitting smoking.

You can also consult with your doctor about your desire to quit. They are usually very helpful. I had a relative who did it just recently, and she is having an easy time with it.

Her doctor prescribed a medication called Zyban. It’s for allergies, but it also helps with the nicotine cravings. You start on the medication, then have your last cigarette about two weeks later. You keep taking the medication for a while to help. I don’t know all the details, but I know people who have failed many times trying to quit, and this worked for them.

So go see your doctor and ask about Zyban. Good Luck and congratulations on your choice to quit.

Don’t laugh but I have had three friends quit using hypnosis. I think it is generallly a round of three treatments…Also have know 2 people who quit using a cycle of wellbutrin…good luck

Don’t get up off the couch, go out to your car, start it up, drive to the store, take out your wallet and buy cigarretes. It’s not like you are absent-mindedly biting your fingernails. It takes a lot of effort on your part to smoke.

First, you got to figure out if you addiction is more physical or mental.If it is purely physical go for the patch or pill or nicotine gum.They didn’t do dick for me because my addiction is more mental,but I personally know of several people they have worked for.If however your addiction is more mental,then I wish you good luck and if you find the thing that can turn off your mind let me know.

Good choice Nathan. Since you’ve only been smokeing for 5 months it shouldn’t be that hard to quit. I went cold turkey 15yrs ago and I smoked for about 8yrs. You have to really want to quit though. No fucking around. Just do it. Think of the extra coin you will have as well as you improved health. Good luck.

I used the gum, and it worked really well for me. Some dislike the taste, but I liked it–it was peppery.

I also hate to admit this here, and I’m sure many of you wouldn’t do it, but I quit with a three-day juice fast. My body was so shocked, and I had so much new stimulus to deal with, that I barely noticed I wasn’t smoking. It also took away all meals for me–meals are a big trigger. I had tried six times seriously over the years to quit before, and the fast with the gum did the trick. I’ve been smoke-free for about seven years now (except when I’m in the state of Nevada, but that’s a different story).

The only reason that any of these stupid things help people stop smokeing is because they believe they will. Be a man and just don’t buy any more.