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Quitting Smoking


A combination of factors have led me to believe that right now is the time to quit smoking for good. I've been doing it for 10 years, and at 26 I think I can still avoid the worst if I call it a day on it now.

I guarantee I'm going to be a huge dickhead for the next week or so because of this one.


Awesome! Congrats (to quiting, not being a huge dickhead)!
I assume you lift. Can you imagine the progress you'll make now that you quit?


Whad'ya mean "... going to be ... " ??


One grandfather of mine smoked for a while and quit. A couple decades later, he died of lung cancer. The other grandfather smoked like a chimney all his life, then got killed by an SUV one day. Just goes to show...


my first edited post. nailed it.


You're going to be a huge dick??? Cuz your normally a ray of sunshine??


Quitting is for pussies.

Healthy lungs are overrated anyway.


Im on day 4 here. Piece of cake. After going 3 days breaking down, 3 days breaking down, 3 days breaking down x 50. You have to keep trying especially if you have friends and family that smoke.

At very least I have drastically reduced since I don't buy packs anymore.


I think I'm quite charming, fuck you guys.

But yes, I do lift, quite a bit, and box (recreationally) as well... it will be nice to have my wind for the first time in 10 years... but man, hasn't even been three hours and I'm thinking about it.

It's amazing how much you structure your life around it and don't even realize it...


It gets easier after the 2nd or 3rd day, but you will still think about them and even sometimes have dreams about them.


For me it was the secondary associations (can't think of a better way to phrase it) that were long lasting and more difficult.

Had to switch from coffe to green tea, starting the car, and a bunch of stuff that I did at work that were either accompanied by a smoke or I would have one when finished.

Those lasted months.


My lung collapsed while preparing for one of my tournament. Didn't even spar that day or anything, finished my workout and just relaxing doing absolutely nothing and all of a sudden I got extreme pain in my chest, thought I was having a heart attack, but it was a collapsed lung. Doctor didn't know what caused it, but I'm convinced it was from training so hard while smoking.


why does something so pleasurable have to be so deadly? kind of like 3rd world whores.


I hope its as easy for you to stop as it was for me. 10 years and one day I just stopped. Sure, I had urges to have one for months afterwards but fuck, be a man about it and dont cave in. That was three years ago. I find the odor pretty offensive now and have zero desire to ever have a smoke again.


Good luck to you. I had the hardest time quiting, but finally made the quit stick in August 2001 (1 month before 9/11). Cold turkey is the way to go. Visit and join www.whyquit.com. Seeing that you are a very active poster here at T-Nation, I believe you would do well there if you need support. I learned so much about the addiction there, and knowledge is definately power. Like T-Nation, there is a lot to read, but every bit of it will add to your success.


My mom quit after the doctor said to her, quit or die, your choice. I see a lot of medical records in my line of work and it's not a matter of if you will die, but how. You're stronger than my little old lady bitchy mom and she quit.


"Smoking is, as far as I'm concerned, the entire point of being an adult."
-Fran Leibowitz

Im pretty sure I'm on the high road to quitting but there's nothing like the having a smoke, sipping on whiskey and telling lies.

I havent bought a pack in months and my slip ups have been the odd one or two at the bar, but back when I was buying packs there was like a magnetic attraction to the 7-11 by my house. I'm just going for a walk I'd tell myself then five minutes later Im slapping a pack against my palm going how the fuck did that happen. Oh well better spark up.

Along the quitting way I've thrown out half packs thinking that Im too cheap to waste half a pack then go back for more. Nope. I think I threw out three or four half packs before finding myself at 7-11 a day or two later.


watching my grandma barely able to get around the house trailing an oxygen cord everywhere is quite sad.


That's the hard part for me. Got a lot of those.

But I've lived hard the last 10 years, and I'm beginning to see the physical signs of it all over the place... and frankly, I'm too young for that.

Man, I just don't want to be sitting around in 15 years when they're telling me I've got cancer thinking, "Well, I could've stopped this, but...."


Good luck man. The first 3 days are a fucking bitch. Then the next two weeks will make you want to fucking stab someone. But by the end of the first month it actually starts to get easier.

But, good for you man. Quitting was the hardest thing I've ever done.