Quitting Mid Cycle Sust250

Hello everyone, I’m 25 years old and I have been lifting for good 7 years now. My diet has been perfect for the last 3 years and I workout 6 times per week. In the past I did a sust cycle for 9 weeks 500mg/week and ran a PCT with nolva after 18 days of last injection. Now I started a cycle again and I already did 3 shots of 250mg.
Something came up and I have to go off. I’m planning to continue later, maybe in winter. I’d like to know if a PCT is necessary or can I just quit cold turkey? Please I need your advice.

If u want to know more about me, I always look sharp(on or off) because my diet is perfect, I track macros on a daily basis and I workout hardcore, I don’t drink,smoke or do drugs. I dare to consider myself living a 100% healthy lifestyle.

Cheers and I hope that you can help me on this one mates :slight_smile:

If you did 500 per week and started next week with 250, yes you do need pct. 1 shot is potent enough to shut down most of your natural production. Better to do the pct so you don’t end up being regular visitor here in trt forum. You don’t want that in age of 25.

Thank you for the advice. Since there were only 3 shots, would starting nolva in 2 weeks after last injection be alright? or should i wait longer? I don’t want to harm my libido or erections…or should i expect these side effects?

I honestly don’t know with sustanon. It’s a mixture of 4 esters. It propably! falls under the 2 weeks after last injection category, but someone else who knows serms better have to answer this one. I only deal with test and ai mainly.

Thank you sir! 3 weeks after last injection are the rules but I will do blood test to keep track of my natural testo, just to make sure and to make sure my girlfriend doesn’t find out XD. THank you again man and I wish you best of luck in your life. You saved the day!

Glad you sorted things out! Good luck.

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