Quitting High School Football or...?

I am 5’9 and 141 Ibs going in to my sophomore year of high school American football.So as you can tell I’m not very big. I am also not very fast. I am just about to recover from a hamstring injury from around 1.5 months ago. I have had thoughts on not playing before the season starts. I wouldn’t consider myself a must have player. We started Spring practice just last week and we are already hitting and calling plays. I already feel like I am at a disadvantage. Some days my heart is not in the game, but others I feel like I really want to play, but I feel that’s me before I hit the field. Do you guys think I would regret this decision later on not playing? I have wrestling season to look forward to. I was considering maybe take this season off of football and get bigger and comeback my junior year.

Got any other niggling injuries? If you feel beat up it might be wise to recover and hit wrestling full steam.

The social side is what would get me. I’m from Oz so I don’t really know how football culture is over there but being in a rowdy team environment can be pretty awesome.

Short guys make illusive running backs. Do you enjoy playing football? That’s the question that matters.

You’re a sophomore, you may grow a lot more. I grew a couple inches after 20.

You plan to gain weight DURING wrestling season? Or before?

I don’t think your size should be the deciding factor. I was roughly your size as a freshman and around 170 as a sophomore; I played LB all the way through college. I was also hilariously slow, but I loved to hit people. If you don’t love to hit people, and you’re not fast enough to be a “small skill” guy, then you’re probably playing the wrong sport. Wrestling is an awesome sport, too.

Taking a year off is a terrible idea. First of all, you’ll be an outsider to the team when you come back. While all of the other sophomores were taking their lumps from the upper classmen, you were fucking off in the gym. Second of all, since you’re not a phenomenal athlete, you have to know the game better than the other guys to be worth a shit to your team. You’re not going to learn anything sitting in the stands. Finally, the coaches are going to look at you as a “me-first” guy. That means that if you’re close in skill to another player, but that guy paid his dues on the scout team sophomore year while you were dicking around in the gym, then that guy is going to make the starting lineup, and you’ll be on the bench.

My advice, if you decide that you do want to play football, is to stick it out through your sophomore year, try to make a name for yourself as the guy that isn’t scared to take his licks from the older guys, then work your ass off to gain some quality weight in the offseason.

You don’t need our approval, if you’d rather wrastle-hug with other men in a leotard then do it.

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