Quitting First Cycle Early, Help

hey guys i’m 18 and I started taking test 400, I know now i’m to young and not ready for steroids. I just started week 4, I was doing 250mgs twice a week every Monday and Thursday. I’ve noticed my heart rate has gone up and i’m having trouble breathing. I wanna quit but I wont have any pct (Clomid and Nolva) for a couple weeks.

Should I quit now or try to finish the cycle?? Should I wait and get pct in a couple weeks?? Should I go to my doctor and see if he will prescribe me something?? If I should wait and get some pct how much and when should I take it?..I just want to be natural.

Anything helps

Sounds like your freaking yourself out, chill out dude. Get your bp and pulse checked. Take it a couple times when you’re NOT hyperventilating

So you think I should just finish the cycle? If i do that then stop but continue to workout, take supplements, and eat clean will I be able to keep any of the gains or will I go right back where I started?

You can stop if you are having side effects. You’ll be fine for two weeks.

Why do you think your heart rate is high? What is your daily routine? Diet? I have generalized anxiety and deal with this on a daily basis. You’re fine. Just breath. Never start a cycle without everything you need on hand. 18? Man, I thought I was young starting at 21. Definitely do not stop the cycle if you dont have PCT. Mind as well finish it now. You spent all that money on it

Ok…I think I’m just thinking to much about it. I feel fine right now
Thanks guys

You just need to calm down, you are running a test only cycle. I know your first cycle can feel like abig deal and cause anxiety if you are the type to worry. Ira good to be cautious and i’m not trying to say it definitely isnt causing you problems but it sounds like you are making it a bigger deal than it is. You would shit your pamts if you knew what some guys were running, so just enjoy the ride and take full advantage, and be safe.