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Quitting Drinking


Anybody here done it? Alcohol not exactly being conducive to the achievement of anything in life (with the exception of getting laid, I suppose), just wondering if anyone here has put the nix on it entirely. Why/why not, that sort of thing.


It varies. I've gone for a year without a drop, now I have some on special occasions/once a month. Try to limit it to a diet soda and vodka instead of having beer for the sake of calories.


did it for one year in 2008. seemed more difficult/uncomfortable for some of my friends than it was for me. i still went out,etc, perhaps spent more time being creative. if you think drinking is messing up your life, quitting for a year is a good way to find out/ narrow it down.


Yea I completely agree with that, I haven't drank since november 09 and it seems to bug my friends more than me.


didn't drink anything for the last 7 months except a beer maybe once a month. got back on the rye last weekend tho :slightly_smiling: we missed each other


I haven't had a drink in the past 2 years. I just made a conscious decision over the past couple years to live as healthy as possible, and cutting out alcohol completely was one of those choices.

It's better for your body and better for your wallet. Wise choice.


Quit drinking? Nevah!

I never was one to go to bars, though. My alcohol consumption has always been minimal. It's nice to have a glass of wine with dinner sometimes, to drink a couple shots of something warm and tingly before bed.

Besides, I bottle my own booze, so it's minimal cost. If you're blowing $200 a night at a bar or something, it's probably good to give the ol' liver (and wallet) a break.


Just cut it down to special occasions. Have a drink at a special occasion. Dont make up an occasion to drink. just dont go out to drink. go out for a special occasion and have a drink.


Bottle your own booze and kill your own beef? Squiggles, you are one cool lady. All the more so if that's you in your Avi.


I don't drink at all anymore but I never formally quit. I just found I feel better and I am happier not drinking. I get bad hangovers on the slightest amount of alcohol nowadays and it's just not worth it. As a teenager and in my early 20's I guzzled loads of alcohol and could drink men twice my weight under the table and it was a regular event drinking to excess and in general a lush :P. I had a lot of fun and don't regret it but life changed and my ability to recover went down.

In other words, I got old :wink:


Decided to stop drinking January `99 and have not had a drink since then. I do occasionally miss a cold beer on a hot day, but other than that I have been better off without it.


I went from drinking 4-5 times a week in my 20's and spending $800-$1100 a month down to drinking once a month. Maybe once every 2 months. It's the smartest move I've ever made in my life.

A typical week used to look like this:

Monday: Go out get drunk for Monday night football or happy hour. Beers and 10 cent wings.
Tuesday: Go out and get drunk during our dart league. If we win, strip club afterward. We were league champions.
Wednesday: Hangover.
Thursday: Local bar.
Friday: Go to a bigger bar where there's live music.
Saturday: Hit a club with a DJ and dance floor.
Sunday: Try to figure out what the fuck happened over the weekend while hungover and do some kind of damage control.

It was an expensive and fun but not very productive lifestyle.


I find smoking it up far more enjoyable than drinking.

You don't get a hangover, you have a bit more self-control and you kill some stress at the same time.

I also limit this to once every few months.


I'm not sure what you mean by alcohol not being conductive to the achievement of anything in life. Are you abusing alcohol?

I personally limit myself to around three drinks a day.


It's alright we still love you.


^ This. I drank a ton in the military, a little less in college, and now it's down to virtually none. Maybe a beer at Christmas. No good reason for stopping other than drinking had a time and place, and that time is over. Drinking money has been converted to protein money.


I drink about twice a week. What I mean is I may go two or three weeks where I only drink on Saturday, and some weeks where I drink on Wednesday or Thursday too.
Saturday I like to have beer after running or lifting. The other time will be for whiskey.
Now, how much....probably 5 or 6 cans of beer and whiskey, about 6 to 8 ounces.


sniff You guys... sniff



Also never made a conscious decision, it just faded from importance when more important shit came up (school).

I get a lot of shit done, so take that for what it's worth.


I too quit drinking when I entered school. They really don't like drunk kids showing up for their first day of elementary school.