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Quitting Cycle for Terrible Reason, PCT After 1 Shot?

Guys I find out today that my brother will die in the next 2 months for a terminal cancer.

Needless to say I want to go back to my country and spend some time with him…

I started a cycle 2 days ago, I injected 400mg of tri test 2 days ago and 100mg of Test Prop yesterday, together with 100mg of Primo Enantate.

This would had been my 3rd cycle. I am 34.

Do I have to do a PCT? I have HCG, Clomid and Tamoxifen on hands. My goal is to spend time with him and dont feel miserable to cheer him up.

Please advice

you start 2 days ago, i think that you can just stop right now and it will be ok with no pct or anything. Keep the gear and use it when you will be back home.

First, I am sorry for the bad news. Fuck Cancer.

There is no need for PCT.


Thank you guys…

Yes, fuck cancer, is taking every men over 40 in my family…

Should I bring with me a few pills of clomid or nolvadex, just in case?

Last question, how long can I keep the gear that I already opened?

I feel for you, your brother, your family and the general situation. Please know I’ll be thinking of you guys. I had to bury a brother growing up. He was 5 and I was 10, I don’t wish that on any person friend or foe. I hope it goes as well as possible.

Provided you won’t have issues going through customs when you go home, there is nothing wrong with bringing a little bit of Nolvadex and or clomid with you just for peace of mind. Things to think about are, how easy is it to get in the country you are going to (sounds kinda bad but your brother might be prescribed some Nolvadex it is a cancer drug and chances are they over prescribed him so maybe that’s a source), what possible issues would you have bringing it (you don’t want to spend a month in a cell because you carried unmarked pills through customs), and lastly when are you going home because you might have enough time before you leave to figure out if you even want to bother with bringing some with you. I just wanted to make sure you thought it out before committing to bring some especially if bringing some is just for peace of mind.

The opened bottles of gear; as long as they are stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight then they will be good once you get back to them. Provided you use them within the next year or two and you only ever used sterile drawling techniques. Really they could be good another five years if store correctly. No dirty or used needles were inserted into the bottles, correct? Even a used syringe with a clean needle is considered a used needle. They put benzyl alcohol into the brew to kill anything living and to keep anything from growing, it also helps preserve the finished oil. If you are super worried you could get a bottle of benzyl alcohol and put like 1/20 of a ml into the bottles about a week before you want to use them again and that should kill anything that might have gotten in through the tiny hole the needle made when you drew the shots out.

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Thank you very much Man.

I really appreciated a lot your thoughtful answer.

Luckily is very easy to travel to Italy with pills, so I will just bring a few with me.

Thank you for the instructions on how to preserve the gear.

Honestly at the moment everything is overwhelming and I’m not sure if I will ever cycle again.

I’m 32 now and all males in my family die on their 40s so I might decide just to go on blast and cruise for my remaining years. I will decide when I will come back…in a few months.

But I will follow your advice and keep it as u suggested.

Of course I am always very clean and sanitised when handling gear.

Thank you again.