Quitting Cycle After One Shot of 250mg Test E

Dear T-Nation members,

I’ve recently injected 250 mg of Test-E for the first time. The plan was to do a 12 week 500 mg cycle, but I have to stop because of an upcoming blood test for a job I apllied to, combined with feeling uncomfortable because of heavy anxiety. I had no idea that a blood test was required for the job I applied to, this makes me more anxious if i stay on gear.

My first and only injection was 4 days ago, do I need to run a PCT after the test has worked out of my system?

Thanks in advance,


FWIW there’s zero chance the blood test will be looking for steroids, unless your job is subject to WADA testing. In which case you’re fucked anyway.

After one shot you probably don’t need pct. It’ll take a few weeks to clear anyway, so it’s not like you can do anything about it right now. Wait six weeks and get blood work, compare it to your pre-shot blood work, and you’ll know where you stand.


Job tests do not check for this stuff, unless, like Iron said, your job is in competitive sports of some sort.

The only occupation, other than sports, where I could see them testing for PEDs would be law enforcement or corrections; but considering Ronnie Coleman was a police officer while competiting I doubt they take steroid use very seriously. Even Cedric McMillan is active duty military and obviously very juiced.

Realistically the blood test is probably more for cholesterol, diabetes, smoking or some other health related potential issues (insurance and liability reasons). If they were testing for drugs seems more likely they’d do a urine test.

I was on cycle when I did a urine test for a job several months back and came back totally clean.

I had a friend lose a job offer for a Parole Officer because they tested for gear.

Then he pissed someone off and was targeted. PD’s encourage personnel to be “fit”. They often turn a blind eye so long as it doesnt cause problems.

Super hit or miss here. I have buddies both active duty, contract, and LE, and all juice and have not been tested. One of those, don’t mess up in other aspects of work, and they won’t typically care too much about the other stuff. Gotta do other shit wrong basically to get tested for that.

But each department is different, so totally possibly as it is still completely illegal and against the rules.