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Quitting Curls


I want to quit curls. I'd like some suggested replacement exercises for the biceps.



How massive are those arms of yours now?


Pull/chin ups of all kinds.


Reverse Curls??? (couldn't resist :slight_smile:

How about supinated grip chin-ups and underhand barbell rows.


Your biceps get worked when you do pull exercises, but why do you want to quit curls?


I wish I could quit you!


i'm gonna lose it if someone comes in here and tells this guy to start deadlifting...

also, i hope this thread is a joke.


If this is a joke then only Prof X has laughed and I don't think it was in a good way at all.


Any close grip pull movement. However there is always space for a few sets of curls at the end of your program unless you have some kind of injury which means you can't do them.


Yeah, my arms are also getting way too big as well.I mean c'mon,who the hell wants big strong arms?


Start Deadlifting.


Manual labor job; Lifting boxes; Construction.

I'll suggest these programs





Get the longest rope u can find and tie it to the top of a really high building.
Grab the rope from the bottom and pull yourself up using only your arms.
Keep going until u reach 3/4 of the way up and then LET GO!

Or u could just keep curling.Your choice

King of Kings


i hope this is a joke considering my first post. you don't seriously think deadlifting is a good tool towards building big biceps, right?


snatch grip deadlifts are good for the biceps. They are not direct like curls, but certainly work the biceps. As do reverse grip rows. And chins. They all have the effect of working the biceps. Why don't you quit trying to be an authority on subjects which you clearly aren't?

My question is wWHY would the original poster want to quit curling? Why start a post like this without that information.


Yeah, I was hoping to see you lose it. I have no life but I do like curls.


Thanks for the suggestions.


I thought adding weight to jerking off might replace direct arm work. Add enough weight, move as fast as yu can to near fatigue, and you have a slightly compound bicep pulling exercise.

The longer the size of your member, the more you get more from this. But then again, since you asked such a flammable question you may get very little.

good luck bro.


Is there any benefit from curls that one does not gain from pull ups/chin ups?


Obviously none at all. This is why bodybuilders do them the world over...because there is no benefit. They just like wasting time.

Pull ups and chin ups are back exercises where the biceps are used in the process. They don't allow direct focus on biceps muscle contraction. Your biceps get worked, but not to the degree of direct isolation work which can potentially affect more muscle fibers leading to more growth in the area if for no other reason than through multiple sets and the exclusion of larger muscle groups that take the brunt of the directed force.

I do believe this concept has been beaten to death and I now find it really stupid that people are trying this hard to NOT do certain exercises. What the hell is happening within bodybuilding?