Quitting Anti Depressants

Well, I actually felt like I was taking something that was making a difference. SSRI’s provided very little benefit for me, and also added to feelings of fatigue.
Now I feel more energetic, less cyclical with depression symptoms (i.e. if I take a a nap because I’m feeling less interested in regular activities, I don’t feel like taking more naps right after), and less physical manifestations of stress following setbacks and such.

For someone that English isn’t your native language I feel like I need to go back and learn the language again. It wasn’t fluent and I didn’t notice any grammatical errors. I know the feelings of depression and panic attacks of which you speak. I have personally dealt with them and have many friends who constantly fight battles with PTSD from our time in the sandbox. I don’t have any experience with anti-depressants because my doctor took the same approach and just gave me some medication for anxiety which only made me feel like a zombie. The best piece of advice that I can give you that helped me was to read, write in a journal, and meditate every day. I have a hypno/relaxation therapy app on my phone that really calms me down and helps me get through the hard days. I am currently reading a book called Resilience by Eric Greitens a former Navy Seal. The book is a collection of letters he wrote to his friend dealing with depression, and PTSD. I’ve found this book very helpful in understanding how to pursue a better life and develop resiliency. I hope this helps because I hate to know that there are people out there fighting this

I must have hit something and I don’t my know how to edit my post. I just want you to know reaching out to people even internet strangers takes courage and I think it can be very helpful.

I was on many prescription drugs at one time for severe depression, seroquel, xanax, temesta, dont remember the anti depressant specifically, was several years ago.
The drugs ended up taking their toll on my body and I was sick of the numb dumbed down life i was living. I would completely forget huge portions of what happened the day before, sleep all day, lost my job, fuck up personal life.
Ended up simply quitting cold turkey after enough mental preparation. Then followed several weeks of absolute hell, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, flu like symptoms. It’s really like getting off a hard drug.
Its hell but you can power through it. I have never learned so much about myself as during that time of my life. you take control and you will always keep that power with you. It changed the person I was. anxiety will always be an underlying issue that will occasionally rear it’s ugly head but I am now able to control it without drugs.