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Quittin' the Tar Bars

I am down to about 1-3 cigarettes a day, does anyone have any advice for kicking the habit? Thanx. ~Trance~

Mental toughness, be a man and go cold turkey. If it is really that important to you, you will quit.

Cut it down to 0.

Ive never smoked in my life so I dont really know how addicting it is (or isn`t). I say that if you have discipline enough to workout regularilly you can bring yourself not to buy another pack of smokes after your next pack runs out.

i heard that large doses of vitanin c help shortning the withdrawl simptoms, but its really just a case of stoping and always keeping in mind that if you smoke one single cigarrete you will start it all over again, it’s not that hard, i quit 9 months ago and it’s the best thing i could have done, smoking sucks,maybe you could go to a nicotine anonymous suport group and talk to the people there, theres no painless way of doing it, you just have to stop, the worst is the first 3 days, i hope you suceed, good luck.

sorry man…there’s no helpful tricks, its just fucking hard. good luck

I’ve heard of guys who have quit just by quitting. Jack Nicklaus says he quit by not thinking about it.

Never smoked myself, but my parents both did. They each smoked for over 30 years, but quit 8 months ago when my wife and I had our first child. They went to a stop smoking hypnotist and quit cold turkey. I don’t know much about hypnosis, but I think it worked better on them because they had a deep reason to quit. I told them I didn’t want my son around all the smoke I grew up with! Hope this helps. In faith - Matt Slaymaker

Get your tongue pierced. I did it so I would not put on 30 lbs in a month or so after I quit. It worked like a charm. I only gained the usual 5 lbs after I quit and was able to work that off the usual way. It gave me something to play with in my mouth when I was jonesing bad. It has been 8 years now and I was at 2-3 packs a day. When I quit. I took the tongue ring out about a year ago and I am still good no need ciggie. Peace, K

Easy. Make a decision not to engage in such a weak minded activity. Think about how letting something control you is the most powerless thing. Think about how you are inhaling smoke for pleasure–how ridiculous is smoking? Wow. The Marlboro Man is dead, and nobody feels sorry for that dumb sumbitch.

Trance, I’m smokin’ a ciggie as we speak. I thought I’d given up but work pressure has gotten on top of me as of late and I’ve turned into a weak-willed cringing lackey and started again. I tell you what, if you’re up for it, I’ll set you a challenge. As of Friday, the first person to smoke a cig has to credit the other with a tub of AP at the Biotest store. I promise you that I will instantly post if I have smoked a cigarette and expect you to do the same. Believe me I will be honest. I would gladly pay the price if it would incentivize me to give up the cancer sticks. Will you accept?

Start sprinting. When you feel like your entire insides are going to end up on your shoes after your session I bet your will power will go up.

My stepfather quit smoking cold turkey 4 years ago after 40+ years. One of the most imp’t things he did was undergo acupuncture treatment. He just stopped. I was damn proud of him.
Unfortunately, 2 years ago, he started smoking a cigar every now and then, then he had them pretty regulalrly, then he had a cigarette now and again, then he had one or two everyday, and now he’s back to a pack a day.
So, if you do manage to stop, please don’t ever put another tobacco product in your mouth again!
Good luck