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Quitcher Bitchin

Check this out…


You’d think they’d at least let him wear some kind of special gloves.

That must be hell on his hands and arm joints.

If he’s willing to play, and the team is willing to put him on the field, he should be allowed to play, if he’s playing because he’s better than anyone else in his possition.

My 4Runner has a license plate frame that says KWITCHERBITCHEN.

He cant be a real player. I mean I’m all for people with disabilities to play sports, but come on. The next thing your going to tell me is he rushed for 1000 yards and he’s a master of the stiff arm

“…and plays on the punt and kickoff…”

He holds the ball or he is the ball?

That sucks, you got to feel for the guy. The guy would probably do anything to be able to go out there and play with a good set of wheels under him, give the kid a chance.

This kid is awesome. He benches 215. Kind of impressive for a 112 pound kid without legs.

I’ll bet he isn’t the fastest, but if you get near him he will tackle you nice and low.