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Quit Taking my TRT in Order to Manipulate Blood Results


I'm a 27 year old male who has been on TRT for about 1.5 years now. Due to cost issues, I had to switch to a new doctor who lowered my initial dose of TRT. My original dose of TRT had me consistently at 1000 total and 25 free with estradiol steady at 25. My new dose has me sitting at 600 total, 12 free and estradiol 12.6. I was not happy with this unnecessary change so I decided to skip a dose before my blood draw and now I'm at 250 total, 8 free and 12.6 estradiol and the doctor obviously has some questions for me lol. What would be the best way to approach this in order to divert his suspensions of tampering with my blood tests and get myself back to my original dose? I hate lying to the doctor but this arbitrary change in dosage when I was doing excellent made no sense. Any insight would be helpful.


I don't know if you will get deception counseling.

Just tell him that you are not happy with the dosing and why.

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There not stupid tell them you want a little more zing, your not first person to tey this.


Maybe find a new doctor who’s willing to get you to high normal. That and do not go in blind to your doctor’s blood test…