Quit Taking HCG and Now I'm Starting it Again

I’ve been on TRT for about 3-4 years. I do 100mg test per week and used to do 25ml of hcg eod. I quit taking HCG about 6 month ago because it’s expensive ($300 per month) and I’m 49 years old and not having any more children. I also didn’t think the ball shrinkage would be a big deal but honestly, it really bothers me. I mean they REALLY shrink. So, I’m starting it back up again. My question is do is there a way I should start it? Should I just jump back in the 25ml eod or should I start with larger dose…do I keep taking the test or should I take a break from the test to let the HCG get my balls back to normal…how do I restart?

TRT is for life, if you needed TRT at any point in your life do to low levels, than you will need it for life because your natural production will only decrease for every year you age. You are expected to have low testosterone at 50 years old and aren’t going to get back the levels you had when you were in your 20’s unless you have found a way to reverse the aging process.

Why would you want to restart and go back to the lower levels you had years ago just so you can have fuller testicles?

You can beat that price. I pay 70 bucks for a 12,000iu bottle thru defy. Call them you ar probably spending too much on TRT as well.
I have been taking 800iu/wk for the last 3 years. I do two shots a week of 400iu (.40) M/T
It doesn’t help some guys. I luv it.

Ya I get both t and hcg + blood tests and consultation for 300$ a month. Just call the trt clinics .

I pay $126/mo. 150mgTcyp, HCG and anastrozole. 2 big blood tests and 2 consults/year.

Is this a good doc? Local or virtual? That’s a price point I wanna find.

Many consider him the best. I though I posted above who to contact.

Oh that’s defy. Sorry totally missed who wrote what. I’ll chceck em out thank you sir! You just saved me a new bike every year… wife’s gonna love this…

You bike? Mtn or road or are we talking motorcycle. I bike the pedal type.
Sorry for being so cryptic the management get irritated when you start throwing names around that are not sponsors.

Road bike. Love racing CRITS… when healthy . Never motorbike it’s to too dangerous for me.

Sorry for the confusion…I’m not quitting / restarting test…just the HCG. I quit taking the HCG and now I’m thinking about going back on it. I feel like I actually have my Test really dialed in right now…I’m doing 12 ml eod and it seems to be the right dosage for me. In my question, I was only suggesting temporarily going off the test to help kick in the HCG. I plan to be on test for life.

There is no reason to do that(go off T) you will feel HCG working at the end of the first week providing you take 800iu/wk. Good luck