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Quit/Give Up Fitness after 12 Months

There’s no need to be rude. I was just announcing i quit fitness. thats it. Thanks for the comments. but i dont need people to be rude.

Sorry to hear about your depression and hope you find something that helps. Best of luck to you. Personally i wouldnt give up the gym . For me The benefits of lifting greatly outpower the benefits of not going to the gym (if there is a benefit to not lifting someone please tell me), being stronger, healthier and muscular is great.

Thanks for letting us know.


Find what does it for you.

Physical activity/ exercise comes in a pretty broad spectrum. Lifting heavy weights may do it for one person but running around on a soccer field kicking people is almost entirely different.

Disclaimer/First of all have a chat with your doc and and find someone to talk to regularily professional or otherwise.

Gym not for everyone, keep trying a bunch of different forms of excercise -yoga, swimming, outdoor sports, cardio-boxing, salsa classes etc etc
Might get flamed here but also give crossfit a try -women seem to respond especially well to the first few stages and theres usually a pretty supportive atmosphere and sense of comaraderie

Although this is focused towards lifting different persnalities and mental profiles can respond to and require different kinds of stimulus…


I hate to say this but I worked out for 24 months, when I was depressed with little mental benefit. Once you are medically diagnosis as depressed (where you no longer go to work anymore) that would be fixed by your medication (until you are at least back to your normal life activities). In other words, focus on depression treatment until it is gone for good. I have used Cymbalta for a year or more, it is an excellent medicine.

In regards to your question, the neuro type article might help you a lot so it is a must read few times but until your depression is gone, there is a little benefit. Be patient it goes away eventually.

In regards to neuro type article. I, for example, fit a lot the type 1A (low dopamine with low acetylcholine), and adopted some strategies in my diet and training to get the mental benefit since I do fit this type to great extent. Who wrote this article is very smart, those diets tips work perfectly for me, on the mental aspect: going high protein, keep carbs low or moderate, refeed every few days, large carb dinner for sleep, less glymeic index carbs before workouts, small meals to keep energy up. It is all true if you find your right type.

You are taking an SNRI medicine (I have long experience with that, that’s how I know) that increase both serotonin and epinephrine but do you feel unhappy or unmotivated? If you are unhappy, you could be type 3, if you are unmotivated, you could be type 1.

Remember low serotonin also mean low dopamine, so observe which one you are more sensitive too, to know your real neuro type.

I had low serotonin but it did not affect my happiness while I was depressed, but when I used SNRI medicine for a long while, my dopamine increased over time and I regained some focus and landed on my feet.

My real issue was very low dopamine but it was treated in a reverse manner by increase of serotonin which also happens to make dopamine crash in severe depression, therefore both have to be increased to regain neuro balance.

in my youth i was kidnapped, brought to foreign country and tortured. that is not something to brag about in order to belittle the fight that you fight. but it has given me some severe ptsd and depression to battle afterwards so i can speak from experience. i don’t exactly get high or exalted from training. but, progressing towards my goals, which i have set in order to be better equipped in case i will face adversaries again, that gives me some mental reward. i would propose that you find some challenging goal to work towards, if that goal so happen to be fitness related you will simultaneously obtain health benefits, my own goal is to be able to do muscle ups. the goal could also be related to acquire some professional skill that in time will yield an income. work to improve yourself every day.

good luck and best regards


This can’t be understated IMO. The goal doesn’t even have to be fitness related but it should be something that takes a decent amount of mental energy to work towards.

The good thing about fitness goals are that they not only challenge and let you grow mentally, they also give your body a healthy challenge and adaption process.

@hardyantifitness I don’t believe you are completely done with trying to better yourself, otherwise you would have never started this thread to try to reach out to like-minded people.


No i only started this forum so i could complain about fitness being a fucking waste of time for me not to get advice or for others to tell me to try other fitness stuff. thanks though ive heard it so many times id be a millionaire. Im only on here to brag that i quit fitness and i have no interest in growing or having goals. Im not going back to the gym or doing anymore fitness. I QUIT> I only came here to complain and be pessimistic.

I am completely done with bettering myself. I said i quit fitness. only here to complain and boast that fitness is a scam

there is a benefit to no gym. i dont waste money. I already quit gym. as i said. Gym member ship cancelled. i give up on fitness. i look forward to being fat.

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Well good for you then, I suppose.


I haven’t touched a basketball in a long time. It’s been years (7-8?) since I “jogged” around. I quit that stuff a long time ago.

So I get where you’re coming from.

But I would like to know what sort of “Program” or “Routine” you used in the gym. To like, avoid it.

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It’s not for everyone.

Well, /thread

I genuinely don’t understand what is going on. I quit/gave up on playing guitar a few years back, but had no desire to go onto a guitar forum, create a new account and announce that I was done. Perhaps I’m just not that important.


Have you tried 5/3/1 strumming?


K good luck with that attitude.

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You trying to reverse-psychology yourself!?! eh…yeah…you’ll be back!!!

so do you guys wanna take bets on which disgruntled T-Nation member created this account?