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Quit Drinking All That Water!


Since we look with scepticism at the mass media, should we accept what they say about beer, steaks, butter, and gagging down a gallon or more of water per day?

"Discover why one M.D. says




Where do you find this stuff?


I'm very sceptical of just about everything. If someone tells you to live like a Buddhist monk, I question that. I love a good steak and huge omelets, and feel better eating like that. I hate drinking water. I love bacon, steroids, and hate running.

I do TKD for fitness, so I guess I do SOME aerobic shit though.


Interesting read and interesting find. However, it'd be more use if someone actually told me how to defluoridate my water etc =)


just sell the fluoridated tap water to chumps as fitness water and use your profits to buy evian.


Maybe the subject should be "Quit Drinking all that Poisoned Tap-Water" ?

However I agree, I've read about this aluminum-industry byproduct thing before, and this completely junk-science-grounded decision to add fluoride to the water (apparently no research indicates that it's helpful, at least this particular fluoride compound).


I don't care about this, what I really want people to be aware of is that THE MASS MARKET CHEMICAL DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE IS KILLING US ALL!!!

Seriously, it's scary.



Rofl @ Dihydrogen monoxide


Ditto @ the rofl =D


I don't know if adding fluoride to drinking water is the best idea in the world. Many dentists say it works.

The statistics don't bear out the harm that is claimed by some.

Claiming it is a way for the aluminum industry to dispose of a toxic waste is ridiculous. I have been in an Alcoa plant and I have been in hundreds of water plants. I have yet to see a pipeline running from Alcoas discharge to a water plant.


Not too long ago I had done quite a bit of research on fluoridation and I found it interesting that there were quite a few cities that were stopping adding fluoride to their municipal water supplies.

There was an article written by the head of the Department of Preventive Dentistry at one of the major Canadian universities where he recommended to the Canadian government that they stop it. He'd found (through a ~10-year study) that as fluoridation increased or was started in previously unfluoridated areas, that many other illnesses such as depression and bone problems increased dramatically, and actual dental health remained the same across all age ranges, IRCC.

I'll go back and find that article and post the link here. It's an interesting read.


how can you argue a guy that says to eat steak and eggs ?


There aren't enough lols in the world.

Fluoride is fluoride is fluoride.

Who cares where it comes from? Industrial toxic waste my ass.

I will agree that there isn't a lot of evidence to support the addition of fluoride to tapwater, since all its oral hygiene benefits come from physical contact with the teeth.

F- is a pretty nasty thing, overall. Hydrofluoric acid is pretty firmly in the "shit-will-kill-you" range, and that's purely because of the fluoride (which, incidentally, is what's in your water.)


Yeah, I positively agree. I work at the world's largest producer of HF and I have seen what that shit can do. It aint pretty, and yes, it can kill you. Even a small amount.


Interesting that our consumption of real butter, eggs, meat, are down over the past century, yet cancer, heart disease, and all that are up.

I know comparing people in 1900 is impossible with people of today (so many variables), but it is interesting.


Weston Price was so right!




I mean, this guy IS right about steak and eggs, just for curiosity, i'm going to reduce my water intake and see ... who know


I don't recommend reducing water intake, especially if you're eating a high-protein/high-fiber diet (which you should if you're following plans from this site). No way am I gonna drink less than a gallon per day. I know that my body really hates it when I get less than that.

Fluoride sucks, but dehydration sucks, too. :slightly_smiling:


is there a way to remove the fluoride then? boiling?


Methods that do filter out fluoride will likely also filter out other minerals that we need, and you don't want that. The minerals in drinking water are important.

The average filters like Pur and Brita cannot, as mandated by law, remove fluoride, at least in the US. You might be able to find a system that reduces levels of fluoride to safer levels, but honestly, you probably don't need to, as you don't even know if your water has it or not and at what levels.

Don't be paranoid about it. Just start an investigation and after learning more, decide what the best course of action is. Don't jump on the alarmist band wagon.