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Quinoa: What Do You Think?


Would you put Quinoa on your superfood list or is there anything that is not beneficial or even detrimental to health? I believe it isn't allowed on the Paleo diet. Is that because of anti-nutrients?

Personally I like to use it as a substitute for rice and other grains. What do you guys think?


I believe it's not on Paleo because it is a grain and therefore must be cooked/prepared in order to be consumed.
There's nothing wrong with it, it's a nice alternative to rice.


I thought it was considered a seed and not a grain. Westcoast7 is a fucking liar!

Seriously though I love quinoa. Tastes better than rice imo and it doesn't sit in my stomach. When you compare the two quinoa trumps rice in protein and fiber. Just boil it with chicken broth and your golden.


It's a "grain-like" good.

I don't put any food on a super food list.


Quinoa is probably my favorite carb other than potatoes (white or sweet), def. better than rice or oatmeal. In fact it is just as filling as oatmeal, just as versatile, tastes better, and sits better in my stomach (sometimes I feel nauseous when I eat too many oats... allergen I guess).


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