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Quincy Taylor


Watching 'The Battle for the Olympia 2007' and Quincy's segment came up. I was blown away by the fact that he says he's LUCKY to make 20 to 30 grand a year.

Also, his views on bodybuilding, where it needs to go and life in general were surprisingly interesting.Definately not the one-dimensional mass-monster people like to make him out to be.


I dunno. Never been a huge fan, though his back IS world class. Note also the difference in his biceps.


Quincy back to back with Joel Stubbs. Not quite there, but he makes it happen. Arguably.


Sick MM!


Not even close, I'm looking at the pic right now. Quincy has a good back, but no one can match stubbs.


DAMN! That chest!!!!!


That's a bad pic. I personally think, that as far as tall bodybuilders go, he is one of the most impressive next to Toney Freeman. It's just hard to make that much mass look as proportional as on someone much shorter.


348lbs off season.

Check that....damn near fucking 350lbs.



That's a lot of fucking eating right there boy.

Good lawd


This is as lean as I would ever need to be casually.


He says anywhere from 3 to 7000 kcal, which seems surprisingly low. But, having trained from age 12 an with a 425 bench at 16, he's had a few years to pack on the meat.

Too bad about his calves and legs though - and forgive me for saying this but looking at his training vids he doesn't train them with anywhere near the focus that he does his other bodyparts.


As ANYONE should need to be.


There is no doubt a reason for that. I have knee pain and I am only 5'10" and a half. It limits my leg work greatly. In fact, I am absolutely positive they would be much further along if I didn't have to wait nearly two weeks or more sometimes between training them.

I would imagine some of these taller bodybuilders have similar issues...not to mention the man is in his 40's.


Christ, that's impressive.

I bet he burns more calories just eating than most mortals burn all day!


big small


That is one freaky photo...


He is also a nice guy from my encounter with him.. I was about 15 working out at golds, and I was doin pulldowns with bad form (didn't know any better) and he came over and showed me the correct form. I though he was going to eat me..


Every now and then Quincy trains and my gym, along with Melvin Anthony. These guys are just awesome to watch, along with being very cool to talk to. You really don't get a grasp at how big Quincy is until you stand next to him. He was massive 50 lbs ago.


how tall is he?