Quilters vs. Bodybuilders

As everyone knows there has been an influx of quilters here trying to give bodybuilding tips such as how to bulk on calorie restricted diets and posting ridiculous pictures of their physiques asking for feedback.

It is payback time.



I…am…so confused…

The one post alone is so ridiculous funny, I can barely contain myself at my desk at work. Your user name is priceless - I am sitting here waiting for responses.

Those poor quilters!

We need to start some shit up again with that fat fetish site. That was great.

EDIT: Quilts and milk! hahahaha

You’re a member, aren’t you Zap?

so are the quilters

Chasin granny’s again?

youre really that bored huh?

maybe ill hit up a proanorexia site or an MMA board.

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
You’re a member, aren’t you Zap?[/quote]

I can neither confirm nor deny the true identity of Flex Quiltington.

Edit: One of your drawings of a bodybuilder shredding a quilt would be awesome!

You have no business coming on here and talking about quilting! Why don’t you just go back to your noob template…you need a good backstitch, that’s what you need. Has anyone knocked your bobbin off yet?

Until you post progress pics, I will not read your posts anymore.

Haha Kidding; that was hilarious. I loved the “and DB’s” post.

Very cute find, Zap;)

Quilts and Milk??? That’s f-ing hilarious!!!

Flex Quiltington…that’s fuckin’ awesome haha.

I am going to tribunal you in the quilting forum flex!
That shit is great.

THIS is gold:

You need to work on your sewing hand my friend. 20 rep stitching and a gallon of milk 3 times a week will do you good. With that puny forearm I doubt you could even get the needle through my 220 count cotton Egyptian sheets.

20 rep stitching… LMFAO!!


Hey, where’s “Quiltharder”?

We should probably overrun the quilting forum into the ground.

OMG, I swear I spit some of my tea on to my desk laughing at work. Thanks for that!

A classic and volatile question, indeed:


Curling in the Quilt Rack

bahaha, elitequilta3