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Quieting Down Road Rage

I did it. I figured out, by force of circumstance, how to quiet down a horde of tailgating truckers. Applications are endless.

Quickly to the point: Cellphones. See that tailgating 18-wheeler 3 feet away from a bumper-to-bumper kiss… at 70mph? Pull out your cellphone open it up and flash a picture…or 5. Then, courteously let him pass (after all, everybody knows trucks obey higher speed limits) and snap a couple of pictures of its licence plate.

If you were smart you shot a picture of the driver as he passed you by, possibly flipping you the finger.

Odds are, however, that you’ll see him slow down to 50, and to 45 as he attempts to escape ‘recognition range’ - the range where he can be recognized in a picture.

What to do with your pictures? Respectfully email them to the trucker’s place of employment. Simply scan the truck’s rear for the name of the employer. If circumstances warrant it, you might like to pay your compliments to the local town or state police departments.

But remember, your picture will lose impact if no frame of reference exists in the picture. A picture of the offending vehicle risks being obsolete if a portion of your own vehicle is not displayed - a beam, seat top, window…or if smart enough, a portion of your dashboard strategically placing the speedometer in the same picture as the offending vehicle.

You could, of course, post them online.

[quote]diesel25 wrote:
Applications? Many. About to get beat up? A buddy getting beat up? snap a picture, happily waving your camera to and fro, thanking the beaters for providing evidence to the whole world. Endless possibilities.

Wouldn’t this just prompt them to beat you AND break your phone?

[quote]MikeyKBiatch wrote:

Wouldn’t this just prompt them to beat you AND break your phone?

I know I would.

Honestly, with how much crap I see getting posted on the internet now, the first thing I’d do after I assaulted somebody is look around for anyone with a camera/camera phone/video camera, and quickly dispose of said device.

There’s just no privacy in beating people up these days! For shame!