Quidnunc's Natural Log

I’ve been lifting on and off for about a year and half, but don’t have as much to show for it as I’d like. I have a pretty good idea of how to do it - lift heavy, mostly free weights, lots of protein - but I’ve been too inclined to use school and other concerns as an excuse to skip things. My biggest problem has probably been unclear goals. I want to lose fat (but I’m not a landwhale), and I want to gain muscle (but I’m not a twig), but have never really decided which I want to prioritize, so I’ve vacillated between both, and achieved neither.

Also, I got the GF interested in this stuff a while a back, and she’s been very diligent and made pretty damn good progress. It’s given me a bit of a Pygmalion complex - but it’s a hell of a motivator!

This summer, I’m breaking this confusion by deciding that I’m going to cut first, and damn my inclinations otherwise. My goal is to reach either 155lbs or to have no love-handles, whichever comes first, by September 1. After that, I will start a long, moderate, INTELLIGENT bulk that won’t just be an excuse to eat pizza and cookies.

Current stats:
21 year old male
171.75 lbs (immediately after breakfast)
Squat 5x235
Bench 6x75 w/ DBs
Deadlift 5x275
Press 5xugh
12 BW chin-ups

After wasting some time with a body-part split I didn’t much like, I’ve decided to go back to the Rippetoe basics, at least for now. I’m doing a slightly modified Starting Strength 3.5 days a week, and doing HIIT and occasional longer runs on the off days. Here’s what I’ve done so far. The first weight day was pretty shitty since I thought I’d be able to do my previous 5RMs, but had lost some of my strength. I should be up to my old level in a week or two.

6/10 Wed - HIIT: 5-10 minutes warm up jog, 6 intervals of 30 seconds all-out sprinting, 60 seconds jogging.

6/11 Thurs
Squat 225-4-3
BB Bench 155-4-3
Deadlift 255x5

6/12 Fri HIITx7 intervals

6/13 Sat
Standing Military Press (BB) 95x5-5-5
Squat 225x5-3-3
BB Bent-over row 105x5-5-5
Dips BWx8-8, 10x8 (my current gym doesn’t have dip belts, so I’m doing the old thighs-around-the-plate method)
Weighted incline situps 25x8-8-8
Hypers 45x8-8-8

I hadn’t done BB rows before, and the form is giving me trouble (I can do much more weight using DBs). Do I want to be bending the knees a lot? My hamstrings aren’t very flexible, so I’m having trouble keeping my low-back straight. Would it make sense to just go back to DB rows?

Diet-wise, I’m trying to eat around 2000-2200 calories a day, with a balanced macro ratio (40/30/30 C/P/F). In practice I tend to get too many carbs and not enough fat. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing something more radical like the V-Diet or the Anabolic Diet, though they’d be pretty hard to manage with my current kitchen arrangement.

Other notes:
If you keep chalk and spending money in the same pocket, people will think you’re a drug dealer.
I need to find boxers that don’t split down the ass when I squat - this has happened twice so far.

Pictures forthcoming when I figure out how to get them off my cell.

Food for the day (went out with family, never know how to estimate portions but whatevs):

1 Bagel (need to stop these)
1 cup skim milk

1 cup skim milk
2 scoops whey protein

3 scrambled eggs
2 pieces whole-wheat toast w/Omega-3 spread
1 cup skim milk

2 pieces table bread, dipped in olive oil
Grilled chicken entree, seemed to not have much added to it
Salad w/ balsalmic dressing
2 glasses wine

2187 calories, 56g fat, 182 g carbs, 198 protein, (21 g alcohol)

edit: plus 3 fish-oil capsules, I guess that’s another 30 calories of fat?

Ran 4.4 miles

2,083 calories, 40.8g fat, 273.3g carbs (ack), 193.7g protein

Squat 225x5-5-2
Bench 155x5-3-3 (should have been 4 on the second set but the spotter was overeager…)
Deadlift 5x265
Chinups BWx5-4-4
Hypers 60x8-8-8
Incline Situps 25x8-8-8

2012 net calories (subtract those from fiber, right?), 204.7g protein, 191g net carbs + 28g fiber, 52g fat.

I’m the GF in question – here’s my log.

Kibitzing is welcome.

Bloomsday log:

8 HIIT intervals

2162 calories, 44g fat, 240g carbs, 199g protein

169.25 pounds this morning.

Squats: 3x5x225 (easy!)
Standing press: 5x90, 4-3x100
BB row: 3x5x105 (easy but still unsure about form)
Dips 8-8-5xBW+15
Incline Situps 3x8x25
Hypers 3x8x60

Arguing with idiots on PWI seems to have a remarkably good effect on my lifting. I was so busy thinking about my clever bon mots that I hardly noticed the weight.

Ain’t it the truth, though?

I have definitely been motivated to “show up” the Anscombe guys. (Trouble is, many of them are very good.)

Five miles.

Probably should have done intervals instead but dammit, I’m a runner at heart.

Didn’t track calories exactly, but about 1900 today.

Off day.

1952 calories, 52g fat, 176g carb, 201 protein.

Forgot that the goddamn gym closes at 5PM on Saturdays, so I went sprinting in the perpetual rain. 9 HIIT intervals.

2257 calories (family dinner was quiche, which even though Real Men eat it, is apparently horrifically calorific). 82g fat, 140 g protein, 263g carbs.

Squats 3x5x235 (easy! tied PR! broke PR, if you consider number of reps executed!)
Bench 3x5x155 (easy! tied PR! broke PR, if you consider number of reps executed!)
Deadlift 5x235, 2x275 (godawful!)
Chinups BWx5-5-3 (I can do far more on my chinup bar at home, not sure why)

I really need to get my DL form down. Part of my problem is grip - I’m okay on the lift itself, but something in the act of setting it down makes the lower joints of my fingers hurt like hell.

2224 calories, 186g carbs, 233g protein, 60g fat, 14g alcohol.

Biked thirty-one miles.

2342 calories, 50g fat, 277g carb (okay with all the cardio?), 202g protein.

Jeez, that’s a long way. How long does that take?

[quote]AlisaV wrote:
Jeez, that’s a long way. How long does that take?[/quote]

Having not ridden more than a few miles at once in the past year, and on roads that were often great but sometimes narrow or full of traffic or cracked or cobblestoned (fuck you, East Side), but on a pretty good bike? A bit over two-and-a-half hours. I only felt my lack of practice bothering me in the last six or seven miles.

Edit: wow, MapMyRide.com is saying 1584 calories burnt.

Kind of disappointing day.

Squats 245x3-2-3 (PR for the weight, but crap for the reps)
BB Row 115x5-5, 125x5. Still feel like I can add more weight, but I’m having confusion about the form. At the top of the lift I get this… twitching feeling in my right arm, as if I’ve pinched a nerve. Is there anything I can do about this?
MilPress 100x5-3-4
Dips 15+BWx8-8-6

I go to a university gym, so I mostly see the broceps crowd. I figured that for convenience’s sake I could do my rows and presses in the (sole) power cage, since people hardly ever use it. To my considerable embarrassment, for about five minutes I didn’t notice this fairly cute tiny girl who wanted to go do (perfect form) squats.

Deadlift 5x275 (PR)
Bench 160x5-4-3 (PR)
Chinup BWx6-4-3
Incline situps 3x8x25
Squats 235x4-3 - tired after the DLs, and bad form.

Diet has been slipping… my calorie totals are okay but I’m getting them in really terrible ways. Trying to work on consistency and eating in whenever possible.

Five miles

[quote]quidnunc wrote:
Pictures forthcoming when I figure out how to get them off my cell. [/quote]

If you make a new contact in your phone, and instead of typing in your phone number, type in your email address. You can then send the pictures to your email through the new contact. If that makes sense…

[quote]JaX Un wrote:
quidnunc wrote:
Pictures forthcoming when I figure out how to get them off my cell.

If you make a new contact in your phone, and instead of typing in your phone number, type in your email address. You can then send the pictures to your email through the new contact. If that makes sense…[/quote]

Thanks! I’ll give that a try.

Squats 5x235, 2x5x240 (sorta PR)
MilPress 5-3-2x100
BB rows 3x5x125 (think I’m getting near my work weight, actually starting to get hard)
Dips 3x8xBW+20
Situps 3x8xBW+25
Hypers 3x8xBW+60