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Quickest Gains on 2 Days a Week?

hey guys,

so in the 5/3/1 book jim says for the two days a week program a deload week isn’t neccessary. doesn’t that mean then that the quickest strength gains will be through doing the two day program?

instead of say, hypothetically putting 60kg on your squat in a year, you would be putting 80kg on your squat because you get an extra 12 weeks a year of training. your cycles are 3 weeks instead of 4 weeks.

if this is the case, im wondering why not everyone does this if what theyre going for is strength.

That’s not how training works - the TM is a tool, not a testing mechanism.


thanks for the reply and all your work.

sorry but im not too sure what youre saying. i meant to say getting stronger quicker by training the extra weeks doing the 2 day program seems more efficient. i understand that if this was truly the case you would recommend everyone do the 2 day program, so im wondering why this method of gaining strength is not more efficient than the other ways you suggest. is it because you are just as likely to stall at some point on your lifts as the other templates (such as the 3 or 4 day a week ones)?

Use the same math skills to figure this out.

If you are only lifting 2 days a week, in 1 month, you get 8 lifting workouts in. If you are lifting 4 days a week, in 1 month, you get 16 lifting workouts in. If you deload every cycle, you get in 12 hard lifting workouts and 4 deload lifting workouts. This means you’re still training more with the deloads than without, and training is how one gets stronger; not upping a training max.


Think of it this way. If I squat 275 x 5 and 250 x 14, which set required more strength? The TM is not something we use to measure dick size. Less weight on the bar doesn’t equate to less strength. The deloads will also enable you to run MORE three-week cycles because when you don’t deload, you burn out and then your training is shitty until you decide to take a break. Take your time.

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makes sense. thanks guys

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I think he’s going off of the 2day template which consists of two main lifts a training session (ie: Mon. SQ/Bench, Thurs. DL/Press).
I believe he’s asking since there is no Delia’s, tbe cycle would only take 3 weeks instead of 4 since no deload needed.
His belief is, tbe more workouts you get in, the stronger you get; I’m assuming.

I understand that, but you are still training 2 days a week vs 4, which totals to less training days in a given timeframe.

I don’t disagree with anything said, but I think training 2x a week is a great way to train for a given block. You may be stronger during this time because you are very fresh and mentally ready to attack your workout, but probably in the long run for building strength you’d do better on a 3-4x a week schedule. But mix it up, and don’t be afraid of doing 2x a week for a cycle or two.