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Quick weighloss using legally supplements

I have a female friend who is training for a figure show. She weighs 130 lbs. she needs to lose about another 6-9 lbs. She is already doing cardio twice a day for 1 hour each time plus 45 minutes of weights. Hydroxy cuts is is the only thermogenic she is taking. The contest is 4 weeks out. She has the muscle but we are having a hard time shedding the last little bit of fat and water. Her diet is primarily high protein with cycles of moderate carb. Diet and supplement suggestions would be grealty appreciated.

Try adding VIT B6 UPTO 12G VIT C PER DAY.

Check out the fat loss stack at the Biotest store or buy enough MD6, T2-Pro, and Methoxy 7 to cover the 4 weeks.

Yes, the Biotest products here on T-Mag is advisable as well as check out the Fat Fast diet. Another thing - since you were rather vague regarding diet (calories, eating times) - I would highly recommend NOT eating past 6PM. And either weight train or do cardio after that time. Also, I hope your friend has learned something for her next show. For instance, the most I lose for a show (bodybuilding) is 5lbs. The length of my diet is a month and during that month I’m usually eating UP to the contest day. I never ever cut calories. And I don’t do cardio. Also, ain’t the goal of figure NOT to get as lean as a bodybuilder? Just thinkin’ out loud. Anywhoos, what I was getting at was stay somewhat lean in between shows - it makes it easier as you progress. Is this her first show? How long has she been training?

Whooo. Partrica I don’t know if thats the best advice to give her not to eat after 6pm… I would say stick to a more protien meal after 6 with little to no carbs… What time does she goes to bed plays a factor in this also. If she sleeps at 8pm no I won’t eat after 6pm maybe just a protien or fat free yougert. You guys have remember that your body is still burning calories while you are sleeping. now if she goes to bed after 12am I strongly recommend the last meal to be at 8pm. Again make the protien intake high…Please remember you are also doing a figure show not a bodybuilding show so she dosen’t and does not want to be shredded if you know what I mean…

Also it would be help for us to see how many calories she’s intaking and how meany she is expending when she is working out…

Also please be advise when taking thermogenic products if she has any type of heart complication I would advise not to take any thermongenic prodcut!!! Not even Biotests!

T2 or T2-Pro for sure. Get her on it ASAP.

Well - I usually do not eat after 6PM. There’s no need. My biggest meal of the day is indeed breakfast - second largest is lunch and in between I do have my snacks. By 5PM, I’m usually done, full and very satisfied. And I eat alot - just ask my student workers who watch me eat. And I didn’t suggest that this girl get as lean as a bodybuilder - as I had said in my earlier post, it was rather vague. Why does she need to lose 6-9 pounds. Oh, and I stay up pretty late since I am an artist as well and like to work late in my studio or on the computer. Which means I usually don’t go to bed until 11PM - and I get up at 5 or 6AM. I’ve been where this woman is at and what I outlined worked great for me. I did not lose muscle, I got lean. If she starts to get too lean within the 4-week period, she has plenty of time to adjust and if she needs to eat more, than she can. But if she needs to lose 6-9lbs - she may not need to do that. Remember what was said in original question: she has the muscle. And from what I’ve seen in figure contests, too much muscle is detrimental. But then, without seeing her makes this all the much harder. Another thing: what time are her workouts? Early AM and/or late PM? How tall is she? There’s just so much information that is missing that you can only give your best estimation as to what could work. What worked for me was what I outlined.