Quick V-Diet Cheat Question

it may sound wierd, but I wont have 6 weeks in a row to do the V-Diet all in one piece, at least for a while. Im wondering how much progress would I lose if I had 4 days off in the middle. during this time Ill probably be drunk a solid 2 days of the 4. its a weekend thing that my friends and I have done for the past 2 years in florida.

Im prepared to take a hit of 4-5lbs of the expected 15 or so during the month, but if it would pretty much nullify the whole thing, Ill just stick to what I am doing now which is netting about 5lbs a month.


If you want to do something, do it right or forget about it. You are losing 5 lbs a month and need something faster?

It’s a question of how badly you want to lose fat. If you choose to drink and get sloppy drunk for 4 days cool, just realize that you’ll gain a bunch of fat and set yourself back a week or two. You could just do what you’re doing now and wait until after your drinking binge to start the V-Diet.

Just wait. Save your $upps for after you’re done partying.