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Quick Update

Just to update you on my cycle: Tren-Eq-Tren-d-bol, I started at around 235lbs and after 3 weeks I am up 12 pounds 247lbs as of this morning. I found that the added protein am taking has been the determining factor. Also, I found that I needed to train 5 days per week(from 4 days) in order to make more progress. In the past .Anyways, this stack is probably my best.

Cool. What are your dosages?

congrats bro. keep up the hard work! just went to a 3 day split myself, and am loving it. sometimes just a different routine makes all the difference in the world.

do you mean test eq tren d bol?

How many grams of protein are you taking in daily? Shakes Vs food?

To P-Dog and JRR:
750mgs of test, 80mgs of tren per day, 50mgs of d-bol, 500mgs of equipoise. As far as protein goes I tried something different this time. In the past I relied on shakes - in fact, I used to drink up to 5 per day, however this time I am using a different diet, where alot of my protein is coming from meat, eggs, etc. I eat 4 solid meals per day, and have a shake in between. Every 2 1/2 hours the alarm in my watch goes off and I know it is time to drink a shake or eat a meal. This has worked very well for me. Drago, how’s your cycle coming along? I think you’re on right now…right?

I remember when you started thinking that it was so similar to the one I was running concurrently.
Test/primo/tren/turinobol I restricted calories and still ended up at 212 or so from 203 never gaining a percentage of BF. Cool dude, sounds like you had or are having fun.

test/tren/dbol hasnt let me down. its going awesome. my weight is up 11 lbs. strength is through the roof. each week i think my strength has peaked only to be stronger on my next workout. pumps are really good. hell, i got up at 2AM last night to take a piss and couldnt believe how pumped i felt.

yeah you felt pumped at 2am. but did you shoot a load or two???

you have a point. i topped off the gf around midnight. thats the other thing. i shoot a gallon when on this cycle. gotta love it.

You fucks are making me want to go back on again.

LOL “topped off my gf” Filled her to the top did you?

sounds like everything is going great for you two.

Makes me want to join…

c’mon 6pack. we could make it a threesome. only thing is, i am the pitcher.

I think cupcakes been hangin around here too much… It seems to be rubbing off on some.