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Quick Update


Just wanted to pop in and give a quick update as to my whereabouts with TRT.

I stopped taking TRT after 4 months due to lack of benefits and continuing arthritic like joint pain. I waited 10 days for all to clear and started running some low dose nolvadex. I am attempting to get my T levels at least back to where they were prior to TRT so i can get a ton of labs and start from square one going after an underlying condition.

I am now focused on a healthy diet with tons and tons of clean calories 4-5,000 per day.
Stress reduction ( even tho im a pre-med student)
Light workouts in the gym and just being active
Sleep Quality ( still working night shifts FML)

So, I'll finish out 6 weeks of Nolvadex and just eat and sleep and try to de-stress. I moved my appointment to Spring 2011 so i have some time ( have to wait for pre-existing conditions to clear with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Anyways, any opinions are welcome. I am very appreciative of everyones help here ( KSMAN BBB HANS). I respect all of you and hope we can all work together to help each other!


Hey man, if I could offer some advice, it looks like you may be eating too many caloeies for your activity level (light workouts). I am busting my ass in the gym 5 days a week and am gaining a bit too much on about 5,000 a day and I weigh 275. Any reason your calories are so high?


Because my Testosterone levels didn't drop until i came off of a 4 month starvation diet scenario. I LOST 70-80LBS and also my HPTA function. So im just making sure my body has the nutritional support now that it never had before.