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Quick Tribex question

Does anyone know if it is worth taking tribex when you are 20? Will it top off my T-levels or am I already there because of my age?

Fishdog - the general consensus on this question is that the most benefit from Tribex comes from users above the age of 30.

For instance, I’m 31 and we have a love/hate relationship with Tribex. I love it, my wife hates it.

However, throw down a few bucks and give it a try. You’ll really never know the honest answer to the question until you try it yourself. Worst case scenerio? It doesn’t work and you exercise the money-back guarantee Biotest offers on their products. Everyone is different.

Thanks man, I wasn’t really sure because they never specified what ages profit best from tribex.

No problem. If you try it, let us know the results!

Here’s one thing to keep in mind: the lower your natural T levels are, the more you’ll “feel” from TRIBEX. If you’re already pretty high, you may not notice the improvement as much, even though your T levels have been bumped up.

You’re still reaping the benefits of a high-normal Testosterone level, it just won’t be as dramatic as, say, an older guy whose levels have slumped.

I have a buddy who’s near 50. He won’t take more than two caps a day most of the year because he says it makes him too aggressive and horny - not good for a guy who teaches 12th grade! So he only ups the dosage to 4 caps a day in the summer. Me, on the other hand, I take 8 caps a day. I’m younger and don’t feel it as much as he does, though I still get the benefits of a bump in T.

Just some stuff to keep in mind.

I am 29, almost 30 and have never had my T-levels tested. I can say for a fact that I notice a huge boost to my sex drive, energy levels, sense of well being and I also get a much better pump and faster recovery times when lifting. This is when taking 2 capsules am and 2 more pm. With all that said, I guess my natural T-levels aren’t so great huh? Anyway, great product and keep up the good work.

Shugs also gets it for free. :slight_smile:

My knowledge mirrors what the Shugs said about natural test production, however, I will add that (and I personally believe some of it is marketing by biotest) if you take some sort of prohormone, i.e. Mag10 that they recommend Tribex post to stop suppression and bring natural test production back up.

I have taken (nameless compound) before and got hard when the wind blew above 2 mph…both pros and cons obviously. At a point (and to paraphrase another post I read), I just wanted to “rip my cock off and throw it at someone”. Tribex didnt give me the continuous boner this “other compound” did, but that could also be due to stressful times in my life/other factors that may have had my body making less test at the time.

Tribex did make me ecstatic to go work out, an overall sense of well being, some strength gains…all factors synonymous with with increased T production.

Your mileage may vary.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your natural T levels can fluctuate because of stress, sleep habits, alcohol, etc. I think TRIBEX would be good to take in stressful times for this reason.

Side note: I just found this out myself - TRIBEX has been tweaked and improved at least 50 times. The very first formula had 3 to 4 times the active ingredient of its main competitor, so it already rocked. (I think the competitor was Tribstan or something like that.)

Since then, it’s been improved 50 times as our technology and level of knowledge grows. Tim Patterson has written about this for T-mag a couple of times, but I had no idea they’d had 50 different improvements!

So, if a person tried TRIBEX four years ago, he’d be dealing with a whole new animal if he tried the 2004 version.

OK Question for you guys. I am a regular Tribex user. Also have used Hot Roxx with success. Purely from a subjective standpoint what is the difference you experience between Red Katt and Tribex. I am 41 and have high natural T levels when tested every six months.

I am 20 as well, and have taken it on several occasions. Strangely, sometimes I can feel it immediately, like I take the first dose before going to bed, and wake up in the middle of the night with carnal intent. Hardest boner I ever had. Another time, I didn’t really feel anything until midway through the second week. I could have been starting from I higher baseline, but I don’t really know.

Shugs, CT once recommended that tribex would be good to stack with red kat, as tribex works by stimulating LH, and red kat would complement it well because it works to some extent by reducing SHBG. He also said that Maca had the same effect as red kat, so that would be good to stack with tribex as well. Do you know if Biotest has done any research with this, or has anyone at least tried it? Sorry if this was a hijack.

CT once recommended that tribex would be good to stack with red kat, as tribex works by stimulating LH, and red kat would complement it well because it works to some extent by reducing SHBG. He also said that Maca had the same effect as red kat, so that would be good to stack with tribex as well. Do you know if Biotest has done any research with this, or has anyone at least tried it?

I DARE you question my knowledge!!! :slight_smile:

In all honesty you can’t expect to have research for everything, especially when it comes to performance enhancing supplements (much less on the effect of different stacks!). This is especially true when it comes to new compounds such as Red Kat (and Hot Rox).

However I have been using this combo myself and many of my athletes have too, with very good results.

I personally regressed back to my teenage years as I get aroused by anything that moves (hint: if you ever see me walking down the street DON’T MOVE!). I have been a fan of tribulus for YEARS. Even before Biotest existed I was using tribulus and was getting good results (in fact it has always been my favorite supplement). When Tribex came along the results got much better. And now with the addition of Red Kat and Maca to the mix I feel that I have reached a new high when it comes to natural supplementation.

CT, can you say which brand of maca you use?

I’ll have to defer to the big bald one here, as I haven’t stacked RED-KAT and TRIBEX.

RED-KAT by itself makes me chase the secretaries around the office like Pepe Le Pew wooing a cat with an unfortunate white stripe of paint down her back. I can’t imagine making that effect even stronger by adding TRIBEX!

OK, it seems we got a little off topic, but hey that’s what a forum’s for right? Anyways, thanks again for the input guys. I just got my first bottle of Tribex and will start it ASAP. The past few months have been very stressful and I have been having sleep problems so I probably will need a T boost.

I’ve tried Red Kat, Tribex, and M, and a couple of different stacks of them. For workouts, I like the Tribex + M stack the best, better than Tribex + Red Kat. That’s just me though. Red Kat is good for workouts but its effects compared to Tribex were more horny, slightly less pumped up for workouts. It probably depends on the person for these differences though. Also, I always take the 4 + 4 Tribex dose because 3 + 3 seems to only give me about half the effect, 3 + 3 probably more closely compares to a full dose of Red Kat. I’m probably going to regularly alternate between a Tribex + M stack and Red Kat. The thing about Tribex + Red Kat was that it did jack me up more than Tribex alone but not enough to justify the price of the stack, I get more bang for the buck with Red Kat alone.

since we are on the subject i was wondering if anyone has tried out BBS Muscle Jack. It has the ingredients of both tribex and red-kat. I’m only 21 and have no need to boost my natural test right now but, this could be some useful information in the future. For me and the 20 year old who started this and just doesn’t know he has no need for this stuff right now either.

I’m 21, and use 4 caps tribex 2x per day.
I am a walking erection.

Im 20 as well and play D-1A football in college…a ton of my teamates take it in the off-season and you can see a pretty extreme difference in their workouts and sex drive…makes you hungrier too from what i’ve been told…but it’s not gonna help you with your sleep issues…workin out and havin sex r the two best ways to better sleep!!!

Which of the three is best for hypertrophy?

Thanks phoenix, I appreciate the info from another guy in college. However, I don’t expect tribex to fix my sleep trouble; I’m expecting it to fix my low T-levels from several weeks with a lack of sleep.