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Quick Tips Needed for Photo

I have zero experience with posing/bodybuilding, but a lot with lifting and general fitness. A friend who runs a Pilates Studio has asked me to pose in a few of their exercises for an advertisement photo. In the 2-3 days before taking the shots, any cheap tricks I can use to maximize definition, etc? Thanks

Spray tan if you are light skinned.

Other than that… not anything significant is going to happen unless you are very lean to begin with. When a person at 13% body fat depletes water and carbs up nobody notices, 8%… that’s a little different.

Well your friend obviously has enough faith in your build to ask you to pose for pics which will be a visual representation for his or her business, so you must have a better build than any of their clientele.

As for advice, apart from what Scott M suggested, you are doing a mainstream shoot, so pumping the mainstream muscles wouldn’t hurt. Having said that, Pilates poses aren’t bodybuilding poses, so you may want to find out in advance what exactly you’re expected to do (especially if you’re a Pilates novice).

This doesn’t affect everyone, but some people are more sensitive to the amount of food in their stomach at any given time. Even if I have a small meal, I notice a slight distension. If this is the case, don’t eat too close to the pics being taken, and even if it’s not, don’t eat too much anyway. Obviously getting a slight pump wouldn’t be a bad idea, but as Scott pointed out, water depletion won’t make much of a difference in your case… Oh, and Remember to smile (I received that advice from everyone after my first show! -lol)


Maybe it wont help but lets assume it will…what are the steps/timeline for depleting water and carbing up? I train total body 3-4x per week and do other fitness, recently rock climbing, 3-4x per week. I don’t eat and sugars/complex carbs except within 1 hour of activity. Thanks again.

Actually, heres a pic. You tell me if the water depletion/carb up is worth it.

[quote]emiliotso wrote:
Actually, heres a pic. You tell me if the water depletion/carb up is worth it.[/quote]
Pic isn’t showing up…for me anyways.

One more try…if it still doesn’t work, theres a picture on the photos section of my profile on this site I think. http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/emiliotso#photos

I usually deplete/load over 6 days before a contest,… I guess you could try to fully deplete in less time, but I imagine there’s a point where it could backfire on you. I’ve read a lot of things that state how a fully depleted/damaged muscle will actually not recomp fully.


Tan and relax. You look fine for Pilates.